A Children’s Garden – Tips on How to Create a Garden For Your Children to Play In

A Children’s Garden – Tips on How to Create a Garden For Your Children to Play In

As a parent you will have a clear idea on how to make your garden safe and secure for your child.  Here are some more ideas on how to doubly ensure their safety and their fun in the garden.


Create shade in your garden especially for areas where your child will spend a lot of time a sand pit.  For temporary shade a large parasol will fit the bill. For permanent shade consider a shade sail.   A good one should block up to 90% of the sun’s UV rays and not fade or retain mould. 

Hide the clutter

How do you store garden toys your child will play with in the garden?  If you do not have space in your garden for a shed consider using a large basic water butt or compost bin to store them in or invest in a slimline garden store or storage chest.  Using green plastic garden table or barbeque covers will hide them from view and also keep them dry.

If you are going to have your garden professionally designed ask for plenty of storage space to be included.

Harmful plants

Use your commonsense about what to plant in the garden.  Avoid planting prickly and thorny plants and those with accessible berries.  The label on new plants should specify toxicity or ask for advice at your garden centre.  Ideas for child-friendly plants include herbs which are both edible and attractive.


With pre-school children it is advisable to avoid any water in the garden. Wire mesh or a grill can be placed over existing ponds, but for full safety any pond should be filled (this could be with sand to create a sandpit.). A child can drown is as little as 5cm of water so clear away any containers in the garden capable of retaining rainwater.

Make sure your water butt is fitted with a child safety lid. Check if you also need to buy a stand.

Visibility from the house.

Can you see you child from the house or top of the garden?  Cut back any shrubs hindering your view and block off areas of the garden out of your field of vision.  Ideas for fencing off areas include using a stair gate on a narrow passageway or a large fire guard for a wider area.  For very large areas a driveway safety gate will prevent access. 

Patios and paths

Paved areas are great as they can be used all year.  If you have a large garden check your patio is large enough for scooters and bikes to be wheeled around. A paved cycle loop around the garden will maximise the space for little wheels. Paving laid out in a spiral pattern will keep your toddler running around.

Gardening for kids

Think ahead for when your toddler is older.  When creating or adapting your garden don’t forget to allocate your children an accessible patch of soil where plants will easily grow.  A good gardening project for kids is to use a large container for your children to dig in and grow their own plants.  A half barrel can be purchased from most garden centres.

Turn your garden into toddler heaven and encourage you little ones to stay and play there all day long. 

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