A Healthy Fresh Herb Garden

A Healthy Fresh Herb Garden

Everyone tells us how wonderful herbs are and about their different uses. They are easy to locate at the grocery or health food store. If you don’t mind the packaged, dried, and sometimes old herb fare, then you should be fine with that. Realistically, the flavor is better and the herbs are healthier for you when they come from a fresh herb garden. This can be achieved two ways. You can locate an herb garden grown by a friend and pilfer from him, or you can grow your own. I’m sure the friend would prefer you did the latter.

Aside from a little work, herb gardening is relatively easy. The experts say that a small family will be well served by a garden no more than 4 feet by 6 feet. Almost anyone can find that much space, whether it be inside or outside. Herb plants produce so well that it doesn’t take a lot of plants of any one kind. Many culinary herbs are used in such small quantities that one plant will be all that is needed in a garden.

For a healthy garden, you will need to plant where it is the most advantageous for the plants you will have. Read planting tips about each of the herbs you want to grow. Some herbs prefer full sun and others like full shade. Your location might be close to a building where you have sun on some of the plants and not on the others, or at least the sun would not be on the plants all day. If you are planting a container garden, or if you are planting inside, you will have better control of the amount of sunlight your herbs will receive.

Let’s look at what we should consider with outdoor garden locations. Do not plant in a low area with no drainage. Water, while it is the life blood of all living things, can be detrimental to your garden if it drowns the plants.

It is better to locate your garden where it is partially sheltered. If you plant next to a building, position the garden to the south and west to give protection against the cooler air that comes from the north and northeast.

You may not be the only one who likes fresh herbs. If you have outside animals visit your yard often, put up a fence to keep the wanderers out. You won’t need anything really fancy, and it only needs to be 3 or 4 feet high with a gate.

In a vegetable garden, it is usually necessary to put out poisons to kill the bad insects. Herb gardens do not have as many invaders as vegetable gardens. Companion planting helps eliminate a lot of problems. For instance, garlic is a deterrent for aphids and Japanese beetles. Plant garlic outside of the garden, and mash up garlic to make a spray for the herbs. Calendula helps keep insects out above and below ground. Mint deters aphids and flea beetles, while lavender helps control moths.

If it is necessary to use pesticides for control of insects, do so sparingly. Poisons may also run away the good insects. Take enough time with your garden to ensure that it is healthy and well located. A fresh herb garden is an investment in your good health. Take wise care of it.

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