A Well Maitained Garden Can Help To Beautify A Home

A Well Maitained Garden Can Help To Beautify A Home

Article by Johan Monarrez

If you have a beautiful garden in front of your house it adds to its attractiveness, it’s like laying icing on the cake. Some benefits of gardening increase greatly. Even a vegetable garden, where you can grow seasonal vegetables and fruits has it’s evident benfits. Gardening is one of the most satisfying of all the hobbies because you can actually see the saplings that you planted growing in front of your very own eyes. But it is really painful to see them withering away for the want of water, proper manure or sunlight.

A nice garden area will usually comprise of trees, bushes, hedges and lawns. The requirement of plants tends to be different in each individual case. You can maintain it yourself or you could hire a gardener to do it for you if you cannot spare the time for your garden out of your busy schedule. Below are a couple of ways to keep your garden in top shape throughout the year.

Keep it weed-free:

Try to eradicate as many weeds as possible from your gardening area before you begin planting up. Remember that weeds spread many plant diseases as well as making the garden look untidy, they can also worsen the condition of your garden soil. Weeds are small unwanted plants which can ruin the general beauty of a garden. You will will need to inspect the garden once weekly so as to stem the growth of small weeds. Pull them out as quickly as they start to appear above the soil.

Inspect the soil:

Your garden soil has to contain organic matter in order for plants to grow sturdy. It is advisable to surround the plants with a good amount of mulch, it hepls to hold water for a longer amount of time and carries nutrients in to the soil. Always make flower beds for smaller plants, and make use of mulch for supplying them with adequate nutrients and water.

Keep the garden free of debris:

If there are trees in your garden, keep a check on them for the over-ripe fruits falling, these can attract pests and rodents which can be harmful to your plants plus your grassed area if you have any. Get rid of any unwanted debris from the garden the moment you see it. Use proper netting to protect your fruit bushes from birds. Clear your garden of dead leaves, plants, and other garden debris which may also invite pests and rodents.

Keep a check on fast growing tress:

If your garden has trees growing in it, you will need to keep a check on their growth. Some trees can grow gigantic, and their roots can be dangerous to the home. They can actually eat in to your homes foundations and make the whole building become unstable. Trim the branches now and then so that you do not have to chop it down when it grows beyond the boundaries and invade other parts of the garden.

Keep the garden soil rich in nutrients by digging in fresh organic matter on a fairly regular basis. Keep your garden clean and green.

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An unbelievable period of my time is spent in my garden. Because as I am getting older and things are becoming harder to do, I have decided to make use of a firm called a Tree Surgeons company for help. So far they have given me all the help and advice that I have asked for. I still do a bit of pottering around my own garden though.

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