An Introduction to Garden Types

An Introduction to Garden Types

Article by dennis moore hopkins

If you have interest in growing a garden, you’d be happy to know that there are a few types of gardening. The purpose of gardening extends beyond flower or vegetable planting. In fact, you’ll come to realize that there is tremendous satisfaction from completing the process. There are also various psychological and health benefits when you take on gardening as a hobby. By now, you may want to know how you can start your own garden. You should know which type of garden to choose from as there are a few garden types. Gardening can basically be divided into two types- vegetable or flower planting. Serious gardeners know the difference between both and have established personal preferences regarding the type of plants they want to grow. You can grow a number of things besides flowers, shrubs, and trees. You may want to consider growing herbs, fruits, exotic plants, and ornamental grasses. A few conditions affect the type of garden that you choose. You need to consider cultural preferences, geographical differences, climate, soil type, and growing conditions. All of these affect the choice of garden types. For example, contemporary landscaping/gardening concentrates on visual appearance and is created with minimalist concept (i.e. Zen-like gardens). Cottage or country gardens are suitable for those with space and time to spare. Roses and other colorful plants are planted within the plot. Formal gardens are defined by geometric patterns and they come in various shapes and sizes (i.e. Japanese gardens). Informal gardens are defined by a more relaxed, natural style. Often, the plants are a combination of wild and cultivated plants. More modern spaces include stone landscaping. In such garden, greenery is not the focal point. The use of other elements such as water and stones represent a deeper meaning.The various types of gardening show that there are many creative ways to express your preferences. Through garden-building, you can create a tranquil space where you can enjoy with your family and friends.

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