Birds Netting For Your Garden

by xooorx

Birds Netting For Your Garden
Pigeon netting is one of those garden tools that we all wish to install to remove birds or pigeon away from our garden, but is also one of the most effective means of garden bird control. Pigeon netting is an easy, reliable way to repel birds from feeding on your fruits and gardens. The flexible fabric Pigeon netting is designed to drape easily over plantings or attach to fencing to create a simple, effective barrier against airborne pests. Simply unfold the Pigeon netting and place over blueberry bushes, raspberry canes, garden rows and more. Now you can enjoy gardening and bird-watching. Without some way of controlling birds, they will beat you to the Favorite plant in your garden, your blueberry bush may be a haven for hungry birds, and your sunflowers may be seedless before those tasty and nutritious seeds have fully matured. If you have lots of birds in the area then you can get rid of birds with the help of Pigeon netting. Pigeon netting is also great for larger areas, such as covering an entire roof on a large building. They are considered a humane way of deterring birds from roosting where they”re not allowed to come.
There is a large range of Pigeon netting of different colors and grades used in commercial manner. There are several kinds of Pigeon netting available in the market. There is particular Pigeon netting for large birds like pigeons. The Pigeon netting with mesh size for the large areas. For smaller birds like sparrows, bird netting with mesh size of 3/4 inches is sufficient enough to keep them away from your crops and garden. Pigeon netting has features that can withstand severe weather. There are also special types of Pigeon netting that have flame retardant component, waterproof netting, U.V stabilized and rot-proof Pigeon netting. There is even a special type of Pigeon netting that is designed for temperature extremes. Pigeon netting is the economical way to get rid of birds and also very easy to install.

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