Cantilever parasols for your gardens

Cantilever parasols for your gardens

Conventional garden parasols are commonly domed in shape and require a parasol hole in the centre of the table to be placed. The large parasol pole often obstructs the view and hampers the enjoyment of the dinner party or alfresco dining in the garden. If you need proper shade over your garden furniture but your table doesn’t have a parasol hole or you want to get adequate protection from the sun rays or rain when you are relaxing in your garden, buy a cantilever parasol. Cantilever parasols are quite popular these days due to the convenience and various benefits being offered by them. The cantilever parasol design is perfect for garden furniture that doesn’t allow for a traditional garden parasol which fits through the centre of a table. These parasols have a curved pole rather than a straight pole and can therefore sit at the side of your furniture and arch over it. Cantilever parasols can provide you with all the protection from the sun and rain, without intruding upon you and your guests. The winding mechanism of these parasols is quite simple and can be easily tilted where ever you need the shade.

Cantilever parasols come in a wide range of colours, designs, materials, and fabrics to suit every situation. The frame construction is made out of either aluminium or stainless steel so as to provide longer life span and low maintenance. Canopy material is generally weather proof so that it can provide protection from the hot sun rays and from light summer showers. Good quality garden parasols are made with durable and long lasting fabric. You can find the cantilever parasol in square, oval, round, and many other attractive shapes and designs.

A garden parasol is usually available from around 2 metres in diameters up to 4 metres. You must choose the garden parasol that can properly cover your garden furniture, including table, chairs, benches, loungers, etc. But the parasol must not be larger than the table set as it would dominate the entire setting rather than complementing it. Cantilever parasols come in multitude of colours ranging from bold reds to soothing blues and ever popular greens. Choose the garden parasol colour that suits your garden furniture and other accessories like cushions and mats to make your outdoor living space stylish and attractive. To buy cantilever parasol or conventional garden umbrellas and parasols, you may visit The website offers a stunning range of high quality and stylish garden parasols in a variety of designs, styles, and fabrics.

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