Ceramic Garden Pixies

Ceramic Garden Pixies

Should they be Released Back into the Wild?

Ceramic garden pixies provoke one of two feelings; you either love them or you hate them, but one thing is for sure they are a source of fun for people all over the world.

Well, the funniest story I ever heard about ceramic garden pixies was this one that happened to my sister-in law. She had a sweet little garden pixie complete with a fishing rod which she set on the edge of a pond in her back garden. She loved it, even though her husband hated the thing and kept telling her to get rid of it because he thought it was embarrassing. Well, anyway, they kept arguing about it and in the end, her husband paid some local boys to steal it from the garden and get rid of it.

The boys took it away, and my sister-in-law was heartbroken, of course, but then a funny thing happened and she got a postcard in the mail from her missing pixie! It said that he was very well and that he had decided to take a trip around the world, because just sitting by the pond in her garden was boring! I’ll never forget the look of astonishment on her face when she read that first card. And through all of that year, she kept getting these postcards from all over the world and all signed, Pixie.

She was pretty annoyed that it had been stolen, but she couldn’t understand why anyone would be so crazy as to keep sending the postcards. We all thought it was hilarious, because what had happened was that one of the boys who had been paid to remove the pixie from the garden, had then gone off on a year long student trip around the world and he was sending the postcards for fun! When her husband finally confessed, she got her revenge by making him take her to the Garden Centre where she bought three more ceramic garden pixies and a ceramic garden stool.

A lot of people get pleasure from supporting the ‘human’ rights of garden pixies. For example, in Paris in 2005, there was a daring nighttime attack on an exhibition of antique ceramic garden pixies held in a museum. The ‘Pixie Liberation Front’ stole more than 20 of the pixies and later issued a statement demanding that all ceramic garden pixies should be liberated and released back into their natural habitat!

And in several parts of the world, police have had to be called in to solve cases of missing pixies. In Fairfax County, Washington D.C. a woman complained that her garden pixies were being stolen, one each night. The police installed a spy camera and filmed the thief in the act on four separate occasions. It turned out to be a Labrador retriever dog, which had been retrieving the ceramic garden pixies and taking them to his home!

And in Australia, the gardens of one specific residential area were totally cleared of garden pixies, which left the local police mystified. It wasn’t until several months later that the pixies were found in a bush clearing where they had been carefully set out around the largest one, as if having a meeting.

If you are a lover of ceramic garden pixies and you visit England, you absolutely must visit the Pixie and Gnome Reserve, set in some wonderful countryside in northern Devon. In a beautiful four acre reserve, there are more than a thousand gnomes and pixies made out of pottery, porcelain and ceramics. It’s very popular with children who always love anything to do with fairies, elves and pixies. Apparently, the owners just started with one or two around their large garden and in the small wood next to it and then every time they spotted a ceramic garden pixie they hadn’t got, they bought it and now they’ve got enough to populate a small village!

It’s clear that although to many people the ceramic garden pixie is an abomination, there are many others who find that their cheery presence brightens up our lives and adds a bit of fun to the gardens they inhabit.

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