Chia Herb Garden

Chia Herb Garden

A chia herb garden is essentially a container garden. Containers come in many forms, and chia is a form of container gardening that uses small containers and those green sponges from which the herbs grow. Having a chia herb garden is a very clean and easy way of gardening, and you can place them anywhere in your home or have multiple little herb gardens in various parts of your home.

When setting up your chia herb garden, be sure that the containers you purchase are food safe, especially if you intend to harvest your herbs for tea and cooking. Do this is you don’t plan on using the chia container. If a plant container is not food safe there will usually be a warning label. Colorful containers tend to have iron and other chemicals used to make the glossy and pretty, which is great for other plants but can affect a plant made for human consumption. If you want your chia herb garden containers to have design or your personal flair, you can decorate them yourself with non-toxic paints. Make this an afternoon activity with your children, and maybe you can assign them their herb plants to go with the herb container they painted.

A great thing about wanting to start a chia herb garden is that if you don’t want to go through the process of planting seeds, germination, and waiting for the sprouts to appear then you can simply buy a garden. Like all container gardens, many stores sell them already growing to give their gardeners a jump start. Many gardeners need the reminder of an actually growing plant so that they can tend to it. This gives you a crash course at taking care of your plants, and being able to harvest from your herbs right away.

Some herbs grow very quickly though, and if you’ll be keeping your chia herb garden indoors then the warmth of the indoors will be a good environment for seeds. That’s one of the best things about the chia herb garden, you can grow it all year long indoors! You’ll just have to be patient about watching your plants grow. Grassy herbs grow faster than most others, so you can invest in these if you want to start from seeds, and the gratification will come sooner than most!

Chia herb gardens are not only pretty because of the herb plants you put in them, but the structure you put them in can be part of the design as well. With smaller herb gardens, it’s so easy to play around with design and change it up every few months if you get bored.

Choose the herbs for your chia herb garden well. You don’t want your herb plants growing to tall or too bushy or in a design you will become tired of. Check at how tall and wide your herbs will grow so you know where to put them around your garden. You don’t want your plants cramping each other and stifling each other’s growth, usually pruning will do the trick, but positioning them well can save you from a lot of pruning trouble.

Remember to put your chia herb garden by windows or outdoors from time to time so that they get a good and healthy amount of sunlight. The requirement will say so on the box. Finally, make sure to water your chia herb garden every few days, and if you’re afraid you’ll be forgetful look to see if there are some chia containers that self-water. Just be sure to check the condition of the sponge for moisture and the condition of the leaves for wilting. Other than that, a chia herb garden is as easy as pie!

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