Choosing the Kind of Garden to Plant

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Choosing the Kind of Garden to Plant

Article by Binford Noto

Before planning your garden you must decide which style it’ll have, and what sort of plants you’ll have in it. You have lots of choices, so you should take a look at many styles to find out what appeals to you most. The following are a few popular kinds of gardens that you may want to consider for your own gardening project.

French gardens are among the most formal and structured kind in the world. Changed to fit a more limited area as needed, French gardens were customarily sited on large estates. A French garden is typified by the presence of well trimmed trees or hedges lining pleasantly sculpted paths. Mazes and topiaries, that may include the forms of animals trimmed from shrubs and other plants, are regularly discovered on stately properties. Perfect geometrical lines are an indicator of this very symmetrical garden type. Fountains or pools and other adornments are also found and add to the garden’s sense of lavishness.

You might want to think of planting an herb garden focused around medicinal plants if holistic health is one of you interests. Outdoor and indoor cultivation is simple with herbs. Find out which medicinal herbs are best suited to your area, as there are many from which to choose. Plants such as Oregano, Chamomile, and Echinacea work well in many different areas. Tea made from Chamomile helps with nervousness and insomnia. Echinacea has been used for centuries by the Native Americans and can help ward off many illnesses. Oregano, best known as a spice used in Italian cooking, also has a variety of medicinal purposes and supports the immune system.

Native gardens are becoming increasingly popular with people, especially since more people are starting to eat locally. This is just a garden that has plants and flowers that are growing naturally in your area.

This is something many people do for environmental reasons, as native plants are best for the local soil, as well as the insects and animals that are in the area. Throughout history we can see that lots of people gardened like this without giving it a thought, so even though it sounds like a new concept it isn’t. Because the plants used in this type of garden are from the surrounding area they don’t need anything special doing to them to ensure they survive, meaning this type of garden is the easiest to maintain.

The type of garden you select will show both your sense of style and your personality. Your choice of a consumable vegetable or herb garden or a garden whose primary purpose is to beautify your surroundings is also a consideration. Of course, there’s no reason you can’t have both, as you can mix colorful flowers and nutritious and delicious vegetables. Everything is up to you.

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