Choosing The Type of Garden You Want to Build

Choosing The Type of Garden You Want to Build

Article by Binford Noto

To get exercise and to enjoy the outdoors, nothing is better for your health than gardening in a beautiful garden. If you have tried this before, and failed, don’t let this hold you back because you can learn how to do gardening very easily. People that garden understand that it is their creation, and they are not limited to only planting flowers or a garden in which to grow food. The following are just a few of your choices when it comes to creating a garden.

Tropical gardens look lush and really nice, especially since they make your property look like a rain forest. The plants used in tropical gardens are very exotic and vibrant, meaning they will definitely attract attention. But if you don’t live somewhere that has a tropical climate you’ll find it very difficult to maintain this type of garden.

Tropical plants require a warm atmosphere, as well as plenty of water. If where you live gets cold in the winter, the best thing to do is take your tropical plants indoors whilst it’s cold. Your tropical garden will not only look jaw dropping, it will also entice various butterflies and birds to it.

If your garden has a limited amount of space, and you want to grow vegetables, you should look into creating a Container Vegetable garden. This is the best type of garden for beginners, as everything is nice and organized due to each plant being in its own container. One thing you have to make sure of is that you use the right size container for the vegetables you’re growing. By using a specific style of urn, basket or pot, you will be able to create a certain feeling in your garden. Ensuring the contains have holes in the bottom is very important, as it’ll allow moisture to drain. Some vegetables can’t grow in certain climates, so the region you live in will have a say in what you can grow.

Those that live in a region adjacent to a desert should not be concerned as gardens can be grown virtually anywhere. By watering on a regular basis, can still raise a garden even if it is hot and dry. You are not limited to growing things like a cactus, even though these are great plants to start with because they come in all different shapes and sizes. Certain fruit trees, such as fig, apricot and peach can do well in the desert with proper care. Another possibility is the Mojave Yucca, an evergreen that blooms flowers and grows to be as high as 16 feet.

To summarize, the kind of garden you create depends on what you want it for. Is it going to be for growing things, like herbs and vegetables, or is it purely for aesthetics? If you’re not totally sure about your favorite type of garden you should take a look at photos, books, websites, etc. to gather some inspiration. Remember also that you don’t have to follow a traditional model to the letter; you can make adjustments based on what you prefer.

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