Confident Gardeners Try Out Daring Garden Plants And Displays

Confident Gardeners Try Out Daring Garden Plants And Displays

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Gardening the world over is a wonderful hobby, and as gardeners get more confident in what they grow, they get a bit more daring and try out different garden plants and displays. There is nothing more satisfying than growing something that you can eat or just admire the sheer beauty of the blooms.

Many people believe the flowering season starts in late spring and end in early autumn, but of course can last much longer. There are a whole series of plants that bloom through the ‘off season’ and many are garden shrubs, but most of the season’s ‘long lifers’ are hearty bulbs.

While other plants go dormant during winter, garden bulbs are actively growing underground, as winter is the time these bulbs send their roots deep into the soil and begin to sprout. In early spring, while other plants are just beginning to stir, garden bulbs burst into bloom, while other plants come into their prime in the summer.

Garden bulbs are so versatile, they can be planted in rock gardens, among the miniatures, tulips, narcissi, crocus, and lilies find their way into just about every perennial border, of course perennial plants are treasured by gardeners for their durability, they do not need to be replanted each year and serve several purposes, and once you have planted perennial plants your garden can be maintained with very little effort.

Autumn hanging baskets are a sight for sore eyes, use trailing pansy, or viola also upright plants such as Polyanthus or mini Cyclamen all make the perfect hanging basket plants and make a wonderful show for the autumn and Winter.

Growing your own vegetables is now very popular, and if you are a fan of growing vegetable plants such as tomatoes, cucumber, corn, cabbage and other crops, you may be astonished to know that a University study found using nitrogen-rich urine does not carry any risk of disease. A team of Finnish researchers found that sprinkling tomatoes with human urine mixed with wood ash was the ultimate eco-friendly fertilizer, and also works just as well on other crops.

A mixture of flowers and vegetable plants is what makes a typical English garden, and one plant that is widely grown in British gardens is lavender plants, it is an easy herb to grown and is very rewarding too. Loved by bees and humans alike and emits a beautiful scent when you brush past it.

Lavender plants can have a number of uses in the home and kitchen, there are two main types of lavender grown in the UK, French lavender, and English lavender, and although it looks great in the garden it can have many uses in the home too. It is a delicious ingredient in sweet dishes, including biscuits; it can be dried and popped in your pillowcase to aid sleep or used in dried flower arrangements to give off a wonderful scent to your home.

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