Container Gardening For The Elderly Is On The Rise

Container Gardening For The Elderly Is On The Rise

Article by Gary Scott

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, container gardening is a much easier way to garden. Many of our elderly love to garden, but to them a garden is much more than just a hobby. Most elderly people like the feeling of doing something to help their situation because they live on a fixed income, so growing their own vegetables is good for them.Getting the garden set properly make take some help from those more agile because to make gardening easy for the garden enthusiast there needs to be raised beds or platforms for them to work on. The nice thing about structuring your garden by levels is they can be made at any height to fit any person, even someone in a wheelchair. For those of you who don’t have anyone to help you make the custom work tables, just look below at an alternative method.If the exact height is not important to you, it is easy to get tables from discount stores that fold up out of the way when not in use. You can purchase these sturdy tables in four foot to ten foot in length. We are not talking game or card tables here, these tables are hard plastic and durable. According to other organic container gardeners the waist high tables and work benches are the best.Once your work station is set up the hard part is over and you can start searching for proper planting containers. Don’t forget that vegetables that grow underground, like carrots and potatoes,need large enough containers for them to grow. Selecting containers is not hard as long as you can place drainage holes in the bottom of it. Although expenses may seem high the first year, you won’t ever have to spend that much again.Working at waist level is much easier on those who have bad backs or knees, which is the appeal to some for container gardening. You can also use high stools for sitting when standing becomes too much for you. Another one of our container garden tips is to keep a cart next to you when working. Making trips to move plants or get plant food is easy with a cart.Making Plants PortablePlanting in regular dirt may make your pots to heavy to move once you get them filled up. You can now purchase a soil-less mixture that is a lot like potting soil to keep the weight down. The lighter weight makes it easier for the elderly to move around. Lack of weeds is another wonderful experience when it comes to a small organic garden. The time you save picking weeds is worth the price of the soil-less mixture a hundred times over!Why Container Gardens Are Good For The Elderly, And Why You Will AgreeVery little room is needed to plant a gardenYou get fresh vegetables and flowers throughout the seasonsYou can still work a garden even with limited capabilitiesWork tables can be set at a level for people who have to work from sitting downIt saves money Fresh food provides more nutrientsPeople love having a purpose and keeping busyYou will be able to find images of how to set up your work area plus container gardening tips on the Internet, so be sure and do some more research before beginning. Don’t worry too much about space if you are thinking of starting a container gardenThe tips in this article about the raised beds for a work station should convince you that you can have a garden, even if you have problems with your back or knees. Get started today and enjoy the taste of fresh vegetables.

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