Container Gardening Supplies – Basics For Picking The Right Supplier

Container Gardening Supplies – Basics For Picking The Right Supplier

Much contrary to the traditional outdoor gardeners who usually require a store full of gardening tools, the container gardeners find it much easy with only a handful of gardening supplies required for them to indulge in their favorite hobby. As more and more baby boomers are retiring and giving up their single residence homes for apartments, condos or town homes, the hobby of container gardening is gaining quick popularity. After all, why should one have to give up ones favorite pastime just because one doesn’t have a backyard anymore?! Container gardening is the way to go! With few good supplies you can enjoy the beautiful blossoms right in the comfort of your home.

Pots and Planters

A great benefit of container gardening is that you can customize the looks of your interiors as you desire. So if you need an oriental look, you can opt for the special feng shuid containers available in the market. There are many more thematic containers that can be considered as well. Another useful tip to help you constantly change the look of your interiors is to avoid planting directly into the containers. Before planting, you should put a layer of plastic sheet or a hidden clay pot in the container. The plants should them be put in containers with these layers in between. This will help you swapping the plants in different containers to modify the look of your home. You must also ensure that enough drainage holes are poked below the container for excess water to seep out. In order to prevent soil also from seeping out along with water, you can make use of gardening supplies like coffee filters, convex pottery shards or pebbles.

Potting Soil

It may seem odd to buy dirt when you can find it everywhere around for free. However, please note that the common dirt may be heavily infected with pests, bacteria and fungi that can be disastrous for the plants.

It is because of this reason that many companies make available specially treated soil that is sold with other gardening supplies. Such soil is enhanced with pesticides, water absorption materials and fertilizers. Potting soil is even baked by a few companies to help get rid of diseases and pests. It is usually very cheap and can work wonders for your garden.


Your purchase of the plants along with the gardening supplies will be dependent on what type of gardening zone is your container garden located in. You need to give good thought to various facts like the weather conditions, placement (whether outside or indoors) etc. while making purchases for the plants. To get the best look, you must get creative. Different plants can be put in the same container or different plants from different containers can be bunched up together in a large planter box. You can even try mixing a few perennials with annuals that will add a splashing colorful look for a part of the year.

A few essential gardening supplies: Elbow grease, gloves and Spade

There are two different approaches that are adopted while planting flowers in the containers. First approach says that you put a little dirt at the bottom of an empty container with the help of a spade or trowel (as it is popularly known), follow it up by balancing the plant in the hole at the center of the container. After this, fill up all of the surrounding empty space with dirt using the trowel. Second approach is quite simple. You fill up the complete container with dirt and then dig up a hole to put the plant into it.

No matter what method you adopt, plants will grow well in both the cases. However, the importance of a spade (trowel) in both the procedures cannot be neglected.

It is observed that if the bottom edge of a root is cut before planting a plant into the container, it catalyzes the growth of the plant. Also, you must take care that most plants prefer to grow in the same soil that they were bought in. So, while planting them you must ensure that they are introduced into as compatible environment as possible. There are so many customized gardening supplies available for container gardening in the market that it becomes imperative for the gardening enthusiasts to continue their hobby even after moving out of a single residence home.

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