Container Vegetable Gardening

Container Vegetable Gardening

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Container vegetable gardening is the simplest solution for those who lack space in their homes. This form of gardening allows you to grow the plants of your choice within a confined space and have a wonderful crop when it comes to vegetables. Container vegetables gardening is ideally suited for plants such as carrots, lettuce as well as radishes. In addition, container-vegetable gardening is best suited for long-term fruit bearing plants such as tomatoes and bell peppers. All such plants take up very little space and that is the basis of container-vegetable-gardening.

The great thing about container-vegetable gardening is that you can get innovative with it. Come summer and you can consider growing a salad of sorts in a single container. Put in some tomato seeds alongside the cucumbers, some cilantro and voila, a container veg gardening salad can be on your table anytime you like. If you plan to start container veg gardening, you need to keep a few basics in mind. The first is selecting the right kind of container. These can be anything ranging from some old buckets, your baby’s washtub to plastic bags or empty food tins. Container veg gardening can also be done with regular wide-mouthed pots.

An important aspect about container-veg gardening is drainage. Irrespective of the kind of pot you select for your container-veg gardening, it needs to have a good drainage system. You should also consider not using dark colored pots for your container-veg gardening because these absorb the heat of the sun. Choosing the right container vegetables gardening pots depends on the type of plants you are trying to grow. Vegetables like tomatoes need a certain amount of space and so wider container veggies gardening pots are advisable. Five-gallon sizes are ideal, but they can also be grown in two-gallon pots, you just have to pay more attention to them.

The one thing about watering and container veggies gardening is that such pots require more water than those planted in the ground. You need to keep a constant eye your pots to ensure that the root system is not wilting away and that it is getting enough of water. As the plant grows, the roots will need more water.

There are several advantages to taking up container-veggies gardening. For one, you can always take your plants inside, should there be some bad weather. It is also the best way to make use of whatever gardening space you may have on your terrace or even your windowsills. When you are out shopping for seeds for your container-veggies gardening, make sure to choose those that have been specially modified for such purposes. The vegetables that you grow in your container-vegetables gardening pots are completely organic in nature. They provide you with a steady supply of fresh ingredients. Moreover, you can constantly change your choice of crop and grow whatever you like in your pots.

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