Creating a Beautiful Backyard Garden Can Be Real Fun – Even For a Beginner

Creating a Beautiful Backyard Garden Can Be Real Fun – Even For a Beginner

Creating a relaxing and peaceful backyard garden can be a daunting idea – but even an inexperienced gardener can achieve a good result with a little planning and effort. Here are some tips to making your backyard the envy of all your friends.

It is important to realize before beginning that this landscaping project is a fun one. The inexperienced gardener often comes to realize that gardening can be a fun and relaxing hobby.

Not only is it rewarding to watch as seeds and plant cuttings grow into mature plants but taking care of a garden and watching its development can be very fulfilling – even if you end up using a garden service contractor to carry out the regular garden maintenance chores and leave yourself with the gardening you enjoy doing.

Begin with the end in mind – have a garden layout on plan

It is not necessary to have a fancy or expensive landscape plan or layout drawn up but it is helpful if you have a sketch of what you want the garden area to look like.

Take into account the size and terrain of the area that you will have to work with. Take into account the space you will have to work with and what kind of civil work needs to be done – is a pond or fountain planned? Are there mature trees to plan around?

Part of the planning will include the type of garden you want. Will it include a vegetable garden or perhaps an expanse of lawn. Will it be a formal landscape or a soft English cottage garden. Will the garden be designed to attract bird and insect life or will it be a space for the dogs and kids to play ball.

The planning must also take into account the climate of the garden. Conditions such as humidity and frost, year round temperatures and rainfall. It is often useful at this stage to walk around the neighborhood and take note and even pictures of gardens you find attractive and plants that are growing successfully. This will help plan what you put into your own garden space. Talking to your local nurseryman about suitable plantings will also pay dividends in creating that relaxing garden area.

Don’t forget to take into account the soil types and sun/shade in your garden area. You may have to import compost or remove clay before you can even begin.

All of this seems like a lot of effort before even beginning but in the long run the planning is perhaps the most essential part of growing a successful garden – don’t skip this step.

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