Cumbria Nature’s Garden

Cumbria Nature’s Garden

Cumbria is an area that sees tourism as a major part of its income, certainly bears true when it comes to the Lake District.  Roughly 14 million visit every year from various countries all over the  world, most come from the United Kingdom.  The lake district national park is the largest of all the 13 national parks in England and Wales, and is the second largest in the United Kingdom behind Cairngorms as it covers almost 3000 square kilometres of land.  It is located in the county of Cumbria which is known as one of the most beautiful countries in the country.

It was in 1951 that it was designated a national park and the purposes of the Lake District National Park Authority is to preserve and aid the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the park, also it is meant promote the special qualities of the park so that the public can understand why it is being preserved and also help them know how to go about things when they visit.


Although there it may seem like there are loads of lakes in this region there is only 1 true lake that can be found here with many more smaller tarns as well, its funny because many people consider the others  lakes but there is only one in the lake district in terms of names sake is called a lake lake.  The others are meres  meres, waters, tarns or reservoirs.  The largest natural lake is the Windermere which is one a popular place filled with a few Cumbria holiday homes, with their roots dating back to when the Kendal and Windermere Railway had a branch built.  In and /or by the lakes there various plant and animal species such as Charr, crayfish, schelly and vendace.  Seeing them depends on what lake you visit though.

It is also here where you can find the only mountains in England.  There are four of them that have a height that goes over 3000 feet  and the highest one is Scafell Pike that has a whooping height of 3406 feet and being that all the mountains ion England are located in the Lake District this means that it is the highest mountain in the country.  This is a mountain that is part of the National Three Peaks Challenge, which is a mountain endurance challenge that spans over 24 hours the goal is climb the three mountains with that time.  The other two mountains are Ben Navis which is in the Western part of Scotland and is the highest mountain in the British Isles and Snowdown which is in the North of Wales and if yes is the highest mountain in Wales.  There are many strategies and tactics that people use to try to get the fastest time.  There is also a five peaks variation/extension challenge that includes the highest mountains in the Northern and Republic Irish countries.

In the national park there are six nature reserves, over 100 sites that are of Special Scientific interest, over 50 dales and about 400 hundred towns, villages and hamlets that are all inside this slice of England.  All of these define how great this are is its no wonder why it is voted the most beautiful part of the country as there is so many natural and rural marvels to stumble upon.

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