Decorate Your Garden With Some Exclusive Garden Art

Decorate Your Garden With Some Exclusive Garden Art

Article by Avishek Dam

To add a piece of art to any of man’s creation will remain as a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Gardening is a hobby of many. Spending hours in decorating the garden is a pleasure. People who take gardening to their fancy will come up with some enticing ideas to add a different look to their garden and elevate it an abode of gods own place. Sitting on the porch surrounded by a decorated garden and retiring after a hectic schedule will make you feel freshened by sitting in the lap of nature.

But at times you might run out of a unique idea to attach a new look to your own small patch of greenery. A garden at the back porch or in front of your home is a part of home decoration. Rising up early in the morning, hearing the chirping of the birds from the bird house or the chiming of the bells from the back yard when a wind blows is all very aesthetic. You can enhance the decoration of the garden by placing some of the Chinese sculptures and log wood benched of ancient style. This will append a feel of nostalgia and mystery. You might have some junk metals, stray utilities thrown away antiques in your store house. Use them as your garden decoration. They might be a wildest of dream that you ever thought but yet your garden will be the unique beauty in your locality.

Some of the garden accessories that elevate your garden’s beauty are detailed below. Try to get hold of them.1. Abandoned sink: after your house went under a renovation you have abandoned your old sink and lying in your store house. Use it as a garden art. Plant a cute small plant in the sink and paint it in a bright color. This will attract the visitors and add a different dimension to your garden. Same olds for your old stone bath tub. You can plant some rows of herbs and color it in yellow. Place it at the corner where it is very dark, the yellow fluorescent color with light up the corner more.

2. If you have some metal scraps and bottles and broken colorful glass pieces then assemble them together and hand them from the tree. This will make an exclusive chime in your back yard.

3. If you have some broken cups and dishes or pieces of stone left after renovating the tiles of your home use them to make beautiful models and table tops to be used in the garden or while making the stairs of the porch. The colorful pieces will add an enticing look to the porch as well to the garden.

4. There are some unique sculptures that will lend a traditional look to you garden. This will add an aura of a natural living room and you might go for a tea party amongst the statues in the lawn with your friends. Some of the models that are installed in the garden are old Buddha statue, fountains, cherub, cupid statue and fairies with a fountain head or water falling from the wands.

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