Do You Dig Your Garden? I Don’t!

Do You Dig Your Garden? I Don’t!

I really don’t dig my garden. Do you? Well, I mean physically dig my garden. I love gardening the no dig way. It is a lot less labor intensive, organic and takes a lot less space.

There are different methods of no dig gardening. Lasagna gardening and straw bale gardening are two methods of a no dig garden. The are both methods of organic gardening and will produce a healthy and productive crop like any other garden will.

Lasagna gardening is a method of gardening that involves preparing the garden bed in layers. The use of compost, cardboard, straw and other organic matter is installed in a garden bed one layer at a time. Once the layers are installed you plant your plants as you would in a traditional garden or raised bed garden.

Straw bale gardening is a little more basic than any other type of gardening. It is where you use a bale of straw or multiple bales and plant your seeds or plants into the bale. This is done by making a holes in the bale then placing you plants or seeds in that hole and then fill the hole with compost or your own blend of soil mix.

Both of these methods of gardening are ideal if you are limited for space. They can be built just about anywhere and can add a creative design to you landscape. Also they are a great garden to build if the area that you have is to rocky or doesn’t drain well. These types of gardens are built above ground just as a raised bed garden is built.

Be creative. Try your hands at no dig gardening.

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