Economic Gardening – Value Your Money

by nixter

Economic Gardening – Value Your Money

Gardening is considered a hobby for most of us. Planting seeds and growing them is a way to calm you from the pressure and tension of the environment around us.

Keeping a good garden ensures a fresh mind and a happy living. Time has its own value and just for the sake of relaxation, gardening is not entertained in the recent trend.

That is why the concept of this economic gardening came into existence.

It is a method by which economically valuable plants are grown with the space available and make the most out of them. In simpler terms, it is a hobby for those who want it as a hobby and a money yielding business for those who really want to make a living out of it.

To make this type of gardening successful, adequate planning is needed. The interrelationships of plants and their co-existence, shade tolerance, growth conditions, seasons are also considered. Here are few methods to help have a happy garden.

The Raised Bed

By growing plants in an environment suitable for them to grow and then transplanting them to the field is the best practice that yields the maximum result. This type is usually followed in farming. Nevertheless, it can be used in gardening. Choosing the right plant, for example the onions and tomatoes, they may grow differently. Onion may require stagnant water while tomatoes may need water but not stagnant. Growing them together will degrade the output. Therefore, taking them to grow on beds, which are boxes filled with fertile sand and seeds are planted and grown well. Seeds can be purchased for few dollars but the output is so good that you have the vegetables home before anyone else have them. As the plant saplings reach a height of 10 to 12 inches, they are ready to face the gardening atmosphere. Now transferring them onto fields or green houses will ensure the result is extremely high.

Vertical Gardening

This method is highly successful for smaller gardening space. This involves the use of cages, nets or strings. Some plants like cucumber, tomatoes entwine themselves onto some support to grow. So, using a vertical stick or a cage and planting these plants will make them grow on to the support in a vertical fashion. These may even look prettier to keep as house decorative items. Also they consume lesser space and take less time to maintain.


Planting several types of crops together is interplanting. For example, onions and pepper can be planting together with no diminishing results. In addition, radishes and carrots are planted together. Before carrots mature, radishes can be harvested. This interplanting is usually done by placing alternate rows of plants. Plants like legumes, beans, restore the nutrients to the soil they grow. So plants with high nutrient needs can be grown together with these, preserving the soil fertility as well as saving your money.

Gardening is a way of developing ourselves patience. It calms the mind, brings fresh air and makes body more flexible. By choosing economically valuable crops and growing them, it even makes gardening better way of living. If it is properly done, excessive amount of harvest can yield a subsidiary income to the family. Happy family is all we want. Let the happiness begin from our garden.

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