Enjoying the Fruits of Your Organic Garden

Enjoying the Fruits of Your Organic Garden

Organic gardens clearly take a lot of work, but can be well worth the effort. For one, gardeners can have confidence in the quality of food they eat.

Money savings is almost assured as well. And though not often a core consideration, organic gardening offers an opportunity for gardeners to make a difference in their lives and family members.

Good Eats

Most people are concerned with the content of foods they eat – at some level. Chemicals utilized to grow food have become a greater concern with research demonstrating consistently links between chemical use and disease.

Another major consideration is the percentage of chemicals that end up in our water system. Over-used fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides have leeched into streams, rivers and lakes, causing a significant disruption to the natural ecosystem.

It is hard to deny that home grown vegetables taste great – even for those who don’t normally like greens. There is nothing fresher than vegetables picked and served the same day, with the extra flavor coming largely from the extra work.

Good Times

Organic gardening offers other benefits besides a healthy food source. For one, there is a certain level of satisfaction in growing a successful garden. Organic gardening takes a lot of extra work, but plants show their “gratefulness” for the effort.

Additionally, gardening is a relaxing hobby for many despite the workload. Whether weeding, raking or just evaluating plant progress, gardening can help a person let go of other stresses. Plants and vegetables grow on their own schedule – they don’t rush, so a gardener doesn’t need to either.

Obviously the work of gardening is very physical. Most people who have never worked in a garden don’t realize the amount of bending, lifting and moving involved. The garden is nature’s gym. There aren’t any treadmills, but you will definitely work off some calories.

Leaving a Legacy

When a gardener chooses to grow plants organically, he/she is leaving a legacy with lasting impact. Gardeners do their part to reduce any harsh impact on the environment.

Additionally, compost piles utilize organic wastes that might otherwise end up in a landfill since it cuts down on the garbage output that goes to the curb each week. And because organic gardens don’t use chemical products, there is no chance any poisons will end up in the water table.

Though a gardener who opts for an organic garden may have a lot of work before them, there is also a lot of opportunity for personal, economical and social growth. Organic gardening is not just about healthy produce (great as that is!) – it is also about making a choice to do things better.

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