Five Tips For a Beautiful Urban Garden

Five Tips For a Beautiful Urban Garden

You don’t need to live in a rural environment to plant and maintain a thriving garden. Here are a few tips for developing a beautiful urban garden.

Garden in containers. No soil? No problem. Container gardening allows you to build a thriving garden to fit any outdoor space-despite lack of soil. Adequate drainage is key for container gardens. Make sure you choose containers with holes at the bottom to let out moisture. Raise them several centimeters above the ground to give them room to drain.

Garden on the roof.. A rooftop garden can be lower maintenance than a garden in a more sheltered space, as you won’t need to water it as frequently. It’s good for the environment, too; soil on rooftops can absorb rainwater and reduce runoff.

Garden on the patio or balcony. Your only outdoor space may be a patio or balcony. These spaces can be perfect places for gardens, but in most cases you’ll have to keep it small-your space is likely to be limited, as is the weight your balcony can support.

Garden vertically. Build a series of slatted shelves-the slatting allows for drainage and air circulation-on which to place plants in containers. Hang baskets and build trellises.

Garden with your community. Community gardens transform empty urban lots into productive green spaces. Community gardens can be started with a purpose-for example, beautifying an urban area or feeding hungry families-or it can offer individual plots for local gardeners to grow flowers and plants for themselves.

You don’t have to live in the country to garden like you do. Whether you’re planning to develop a complex rooftop or vertical garden, a modest balcony garden, or volunteer in a community garden, chances are your gardening efforts will enrich your neighborhood.

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