Garden Bulbs Are The Miracle of Nature

Garden Bulbs Are The Miracle of Nature

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The miracle of nature manifests itself in many ways, but none as amazingly as a handful of rock-like balls such as garden bulbs that will produce a profusion of colour just with some sun and water. Daffodils, tulips and crocus, just to think that all their beauty and colour come from a tiny uninteresting brown ball.

If you are not familiar with gardening and are just starting out, it will help to divide plants and flowers up, for example annuals and perennial plants. Annuals are flowers that bloom only once and their whole lifetime lasts just one growing season. One prize example of an annual is the pansy, you buy these plants already blooming, plant them in your garden container, or window box and they will die in the Autumn never to return.

Perennial plants in your garden will keep coming back year after year as they don’t die each Autumn, they just go dormant until the weather warms up again. The beautiful flowers from garden bulbs are perennials and if you plant them in the Autumn they will provide you with blooms year after year. If you see in a garden a clump of tulips or daffodils or iris that are bushy and thick with flowers, you can bet your bottom dollar these bulbs were probably planted years ago, simply because often the flowers multiply over the years.

Garden bulbs will be in your garden for some time to come unless of course you dig them up and move them, so care should be taken when planting them to take full advantage. Be aware that some bulbs flower in early March and others flower in June and your garden will look out of balance if you don’t account for blooming times, also pay attention to height when planting and be careful not to hide short crocuses behind tall tulips.

The garden bulb is very versatile and can be planted almost anywhere and even used as hanging basket plants, or planted in pots for indoors. Wherever you plant them they will not disappoint and will give you so much pleasure.

Of course, to the experienced hard and fast gardener a well planted garden is not just about flowers. To them the soil is far more precious and most gardeners love to have vegetable plants that will feed the family through the seasons, such as runner beans, lettuce, spring onions, beetroot, potatoes, and so much more. These gardeners know that vegetable plants will save money and, more importantly, will be fresher and better for our health.

Lavender plants are a great favorite in many gardens and are the most popular cottage-garden plants. Evergreen lavender plants are great for attracting wildlife to your garden including butterflies and will help save the declining populations of our native species of bumble bee. Lavender plants are ideal for patio containers, hedging and can be used to make your own potpourri and can even be used in cooking.

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