Garden Design – A Host of Options

by jeredb

Garden Design – A Host of Options

When it comes to the issue of garden design for your home, there is no doubt that you may have a wide variety of choices and options in terms of implementing a design that is suitable for your needs, as well as possibly the environment or climate that the garden is actually located in.

Garden design can of course be linked with landscaping in so many ways, and as an example when considering the climate that the garden is located in, the concept of xeriscaping can be used. This type of design and landscaping is essentially based upon using indigenous elements of the region and aims to reduce the need for additional watering and soil management, which in turn is often times seen in a favourable light in terms of reducing any impact upon the immediate environment.

Getting back to the basics of the design element itself, the consideration of a formal or informal approach can be made. The formal is often referred to as ‘Renaissance’ gardens, and is based upon the use of symmetrical design and is very linear in nature. Some folks argue that a more natural or flowing design is preferable and in which case a more informal approach is often taken, and within this option the homeowner often times has a wider choice of plants and approaches within this design phase.

The amount that one might wish to display their respective gardens is another issue that can have impact upon the design of the garden in question. Folks who may appreciate their privacy will in turn have the option of planting screening plants and shrubs that will block the view into the garden from the outside. However those wishing to display their gardens would in turn have the option of planting smaller plants allowing the garden to be viewed.

The implementation of walkways and pathways within the garden can encourage a specific design and layout of the garden, of which one has the opportunity of highlighting specific elements within the garden, and in turn provides an element of interactivity within the garden in question. Providing focal elements such as arbours, fountains or garden furniture allows these elements to be connected via attractive pathways and walkways placed within the garden.

The driveway leading into the property can be incorporated within the overall garden design, and within the formal approach the driveway should be straight, whereas within a more informal approach a slightly curved design can be entertained when bringing these elements together. The use of seating areas within the garden allow for the incorporation of specific garden furniture, which in turn can contribute to the overall design and here again a wide variety of options are available, from a more classic perspective such as wrought iron options to that of a more rustic appeal provided by the wooden garden furniture option.

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