Garden Design Sydney

Garden Design Sydney

Designing your home’s landscape can be one of the most important investments you make when transforming and beautifying your property.  Curb appeal is not only necessary when selling a home; it is also important to you, as the owner living on the property, to be able to enjoy your own environment.


When looking into garden design Sydney, do not forget to consider incorporating some key elements into your overall landscaping plans.  Keep in mind the amount of upkeep you do or do not want to perform if you will be doing the gardening maintenance yourself.  In that case, you may want to invest in perennial flowering bulbs and easy to maintain trees and shrubs.  A perennial border of ornamental grasses and lilies add privacy and beauty to the outer edges of your property.


Your perfect outdoor landscape can be both beautiful and functional.  For example, paving and walkways are more important than you might believe.  The walkway leading to your door is the welcoming carpet into your home.  A natural stone walkway is both beautiful and enduring.  It blends in with the natural world around it.  When structural retaining walls are necessary, raised planter boxes or a garden design Sydney bed of flowers can become a natural added element to the wall, allowing it to blend in with nature. 


An essential component of a home’s landscaping needs is the use of exterior lighting. Let your garden show, even at night, with the use of exterior spotlights.  Lighting in your outdoor pool also adds to the beauty of your outdoor garden design Sydney. 


When considering a garden design Sydney for your home’s landscape, you will want an eye-catching display of shrubs, flowers and ornamental trees.  Beautiful flowering shrubbery can be added to camouflage your foundation walls around the home.  They can also be strategically placed to add privacy around the yard and the pool area.  An array of variously timed flowering shrubs will enliven your home’s landscape all year round.


A very popular garden design Sydney used in recent years is the addition of a water feature on the property.  This can be a small pond, a relaxing waterfall, a birdbath or a swimming pool. 


Flowers are an integral part of a garden design Sydney.  Using flowers native to your area are usually easy to grow. Also fruits natural to the area, such as raspberries, can be grown and appreciated right at your kitchen table even as they look lush and gorgeous in your garden. 


Speaking of native plants to the area, there are about 45 types of native fig trees in Australia. One Sydney species is the Port Jackson Fig.  A fig tree with a delicious tasting fruit is the Sandpaper Fig.  These native trees grow very large which is fine if you have a large property to cover. 


The temperate climate of Sydney lends itself well to the addition of a lovely vegetable garden included in your garden design Sydney.  Many vegetables from asparagus to zucchini can be grown, harvested and used in your freshly prepared meals.

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