Garden Designers Are So Much More Than Simple Gardeners

Garden Designers Are So Much More Than Simple Gardeners

Garden designers are so much more than simple gardeners. Why? Well, let’s examine what the average gardener does first, and then we’ll compare it to what a designer can do. The difference should be enough to convince you, and anyone else, that hiring a garden designer really does make sense.

A gardener can be likened more to someone who understands plants and flowers well. They can recognise what a soil needs if it should be lacking something. They can tell how to resuscitate a fading lawn, and they probably will have a pretty good idea about how a garden should be laid out for simplicity and good looks, as well as what is best for the things that grow there.

Some gardeners may be much more expert than that, but by and large that’s your average gardener. A designer can usually go much further. They take a more holistic view of the garden. The designer will start with a garden assessment taking every aspect of the garden into consideration before moving on to the planning stage. Nothing will be left out and everything will be given full attention.

A designer is someone who fully understands how a garden works. They will know the kind of plants that thrive best in the area they work in. They will also know which plants and flowers don’t work well in your area. This alone can save you a lot of time and money.

The planning of a garden will involve using any key landscape elements to their best advantage. It will look at water drainage, overall soil condition, areas of light and shade, any micro-climates that need protecting or changing, and much more. Good garden designers will include everything possible in the assessment and planning stage to ensure the best possible outcome.

There are many skills a designer needs to have that a gardener usually does not need to have. A designer should be an attentive listener. When you hire one you want them to transform your garden into the dream concept that you have. If they can listen to what you want and temper it with what can happen, discussing the best way forward at every stage, then the designer is doing a good job.

The initial assessment of the garden will reveal what is possible and what is best for the garden. If your ideas can be realised without any problems, then the planning stage comes next. Here the designer has to put your ideas on to paper. A plan is drawn up, tweaked and modified, until you, the client, is happy with the result.

The designer then needs to know which kinds of plants and flowers you would like to have and where. This information may have to be changed a bit in accordance with what will work best for your garden. The designer will accommodate your desires as much as possible, but be led by any advice offered.

Buying skills is a good trait for a designer to have. This means that they know where to get the best deals and indeed, the best plants. This can save you a lot of money and ensure that the plants you end up with are the best in every way. This means that you will end up with the garden of your dreams, because garden designers are so much more than simple gardeners.

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