Garden Herbs and Herbal Remedies

Garden Herbs and Herbal Remedies

Garden herbs and herbal remedies are two things that almost always go hand in hand. For years herbs were used in the realm of medicine, and their extracts are still used in some modern medicines today. The uses of herbs around the home are plenty, and having an herb garden allows you to go back in time and create some old fashioned remedies for yourself.

One of the most popular herb uses which is also a home remedy is to make tea. Teas can soothe and relax a tired or sick person, and the herbs can be medicinal as well. Garden herbs and tea making are quite popular. Some common teas from garden herbs are jasmine, lavender, chamomile, and mint. You can even mix some herbs together to create a combination tea. When it comes to tea making, gardeners will have to do a lot of trial tests to see which teas and which tea combinations they enjoy. You will also have to test how strong you like your tea by varying the amounts of herbs and flowers you will make the tea with.

Odors around the home is a common pet peeve of many home makers.

Who wants a stinky home, right? Luckily, garden herbs and sweet smells also go hand in hand. You can choose to plant fresh herbs by windowsills or in window boxes, allowing the scent of the herbs to waft through the rooms, or you can create potpourri. Herbs like dill, sweet marjoram, and lavender make great potpourris. You can choose to keep them alone or to combine them. Place your potpourri pouches in your bathrooms, linen closets, towel closets or in rooms that tend to get stuffy. The herbs will do two things, give the rooms fragrance, and absorb bad odors.

Cooking, tea making, and potpourri are not the only uses of garden herbs and their flowers.

Beauty remedies are quite popular as well, as can be seen from modern day spa treatments. Chewing on mint leaves can help reduce bad breath while gargling with water that was boiled with sage is said to whiten teeth. Caledula is used for creating beauty creams and lightening hair, while water boiled with crushed rosemary leaves is a good rinse for damaged hair.

Garden herbs and their flowers have many more herbal remedies. If you’re growing an herb garden for the sake of being able to use home remedies, look up the many different remedies that can be made or created with garden herbs and other plants too. You will find that you can create a completely useful, and at the same time edible garden that you will be able to love and enjoy in more ways than one!

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