Garden Landscaping Within the Region of Kent

Garden Landscaping Within the Region of Kent

Kent is well known for being described as the ‘Garden of England’. There are many stunning examples of garden landscaping within Kent. These gardens are popular attractions for tourists and locals alike, and are also excellent for anyone looking for inspiration for their garden landscaping projects. Kent is steeped in history and boasts both contemporary and historic countryside attractions. The garden landscaping and cultivation involved in maintaining these prestigious gardens is absolutely second to none.

Many stately homes and prestigious buildings are amongst the extensive list of attractions that display wonderful gardens and grounds. Chartwell, which is found in the heart of Kent, was Sir Winston Churchill’s family dwelling between 1922 and 1965 and has been maintained superbly ever since. Highlights here comprise of spectacular water and rose gardens commissioned specifically by the Churchill’s and a vegetable garden, which has of course been restored to its full glory once again. Whether you are interested in the history of a specific building and its former inhabitants or indeed you are looking for inspiration in the gardens and architecture, there are many preserved locations in the heart of Kent.

The English country garden is widely considered a thing of beauty, merging vibrant greenery with colourful floral plants to fashion a truly enthralling and serene display. Garden landscaping in Kent is hugely popular and the sights and scenery will not disappoint even the most passionate gardener. Developed by two British aristocrats, Sissinghurst Castle and its wonderful gardens lie on the grounds of a former Elizabethan house. It is one of the most eminent gardens in the Kent region. An extensive assortment of plants from around the world have been cultivated within this garden and precisely preened and manicured to create remarkable designs concentrating on colour throughout the seasons setting a beautiful surrounding atmosphere. These gardens are great inspiration for contemporary garden landscaping and design.

Garden landscaping utilises the creator’s imagination and ability in the use of resources obtainable and can be a combination of planting, structures and buildings. Modern gardens do exist within Kent and Sussex but they seem to be generally less popular given the historical background of the region. With the beauty and availability of garden landscaping in Kent, it is no wonder designers and gardeners take heed from these great examples in order to implement them within contemporary design. More importantly it is remarkable what volunteer gardeners and assistants do in order to maintain and achieve the highest standards within these historic homes and their grounds.

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