Garden Oasis Patio Furniture – Practical, Affordable And Trendy!

by jo-h

Garden Oasis Patio Furniture – Practical, Affordable And Trendy!

In today’s cramped spaces, even apartment dwellers are keen to have some sort of garden – even if it is a kitchen garden or the terrace garden that means shared garden space, but at least some nature’s beauty for them. So, when people are lucky enough to have a private garden area, then it’s a bigger reason for them to invest in good quality patio furniture of a standard make and quality; when it comes to practicality, affordability and style, there is none to beat the most popular outdoor furniture manufacturer – namely, Garden Oasis patio Furniture Company.

The USP of Garden Oasis Patio Furniture Company is that it produces and sells a wide range of outdoor furniture that is eco-friendly since the wood used for manufacturing its product line comes from well-managed and manually sustainable plantations, not the natural jungle which can affect ecological balance of the earth. Thus, it is an environmentally conscious effort on the part of the manufacturers to create wood-like beautiful and trendy patio furniture.

Their slogan says it best for them: (Where Quality Doesn’t Cost The Earth) – and since this company uses FSC hardwood from their own plantation to make their garden furniture range, it is what discerning customers are accustomed to receiving in terms of quality, style and useful patio set.

Their Napoli Garden Bench in particular is a great model piece of patio furniture that is both hardy and comfortable for two people to sit on and is available at an affordable price (just fifty chips) besides being a space-saving design that is ideal for those with limited garden area. It is made out of Acacia Hardwood and gives the impression of being made of teak-wood, which has been left untreated. If actually left untreated, this variety of Napoli garden bench turns a silvery grey color because its material requires treatment a couple of times a year with good oil to maintain the warm, woody tones to it.

Besides this particular set of Garden Oasis Patio Furniture Company models, there are other trendy and practical patio sets, such as the Prairie Stone collection (also featured in the Sears catalogue) and the separate pieces that can be bought piecemeal if someone does not quite care for the 7-piece set. However, this UK based patio furniture manufacturing company is so well known for its classic designs and timeless beauty to outdoor furniture that people are keen to save up and buy their sets to offset the natural beauty of their garden – modest or luxurious, whatever the space be! So, besides the table, 2 swivel rockers, 4 stackable dining chairs make up the 7-piece set that comes with an enviable hand-applied antique finish to enhance the traditional design of the patio set.

The fabric used on the dining chairs is polyester sling, which is both durable in all weather and also comfortable while the center table comprises a traditional ceramic tile design in 12×12 sizing.

What makes this garden furniture company such a hit with customers is that they also celebrate earth day and ensure their unique range of products also highlight the need for using FSC hardwood in a bid to safeguard precious forest cover, a fact that concerns all of us as responsible citizens of planet earth.

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