Garden Pests – How to Deal With Pests in Your Garden

Garden Pests – How to Deal With Pests in Your Garden

Garden pests are known to create havoc in your garden and can ruin all the hard work you put into it. Your garden can go from looking perfect one hour and the next hour there’ll be tons of holes in your plant. Animals as well as insects are known culprits when it comes to ruining your garden. Some of the pests include slugs, worms, birds, gophers and caterpillars. It can be difficult to get rid of them completely, but it’s definitely worth a try in order to keep your garden looking nice.

Bugs can do real damage to your garden. They live is many different places in your garden including the soil and leaves which have fallen off of your trees. Make sure that you clean up areas where the insects like to live. Start by removing the weeds or anything that is decaying in your garden. Break up the soil that may be clumped in order to get rid of places where an insect may be hiding in your garden.

Another way to get rid of the pests is by using a dormant spray. These sprays are meant to be used when your plants are in a dormant state which is generally around February or March. Be sure to follow all instructions on the spray that you use in order to avoid doing harm to the plants in your garden. Using too much of the stuff can cause you to kill off your plants. You may also inadvertently kill bugs which can be beneficial to the overall health of your garden as not all bugs are malicious.

Birds can also be quite the pests when it comes to your garden. Birds are very persistent creatures and may run when you go aside, but they will likely come right back when you leave the area. If you don’t mind having the birds in your garden then one solution to the problem is building a bird feeder. The birds will eat what in the feeder and will therefore leave your plants alone. If you do not want to keep them around then try getting a fake owl to put in your garden. Some of these owls are very realistic and this will aid in keeping them away.

Gophers are another huge problem for many a gardener. You’ll notice gophers when you start seeing small hills build up in your garden while your plants keep dying mysteriously. If you get a gopher infestation then they can cause tremendous damage to your plants. A gopher is a member of the rodent family and they eat the roots of your plants. To get rid of the gophers try setting some traps in their tunnels. You can also try to smoke them out as well. There are smoke bombs that you put into their tunnel and the smoke then spreads throughout the area.

If you start noticing that you have a pest problem in your garden then you must be diligent in trying to get rid of them if you want to preserve your hard work. The sooner you attack the problem the less of an issue it will become. The longer the pests stay then they will try to nest in the area causing an even bigger headache for you.

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