Garden Room, Garden Office? Extend Your Living and Working Space for Less

Garden Room, Garden Office? Extend Your Living and Working Space for Less

Garden Rooms have become a very popular addition to the UK home in recent years. But what is a garden room? A garden room is exactly what it sounds like, an extra room in your garden.

Most houses in the UK will have a garden of some kind or other: it is possible to turn an unused corner of the garden into extra living or working space.

The most common uses for a garden room or garden building are for a garden office for those who work from home, a garden studio for artists or writers who want to be outside the house but not far away, or a place to entertain or to just sit and enjoy the peace of the garden without household disruption.

Garden offices have become far more popular due to the amount of people working from home and the ease that people can setup a home office, it is easy to set-up electricity, broadband, computer, telephone and heating and all of the other work paraphernalia that you need at very low cost.

Garden rooms themselves can be very inexpensive, they can be quickly built and do not cause the disruption that having a house extension can. They generally do not require any planning permission so there is no red-tape and waiting around for officials to rubber-stamp your planning permission. A good garden office or garden room will also add value to your house at resale, quite often more than the room cost to build and might be an extra selling point to a buyer with more exacting requirements.

A lot of timber garden buildings come in kit form and are easy to put together. Some of the kits can easily be put together in a couple of days by just two people with basic DIY skills. This makes it an extremely inexpensive option.

For the home worker a garden office offers respite from the household chores that always abound and a separate, ordered working environment. The long-term cost is cheaper than renting an office and it also adds value to your home.

For construction all you generally need is to make sure you have a hard flat-base to put the building on with enough space to your property boundary. The base can be made from paving slabs or there are also no custom made bases specifically designed for garden rooms which just slot together and make levelling a cinch. All in all a garden room is probably one of the best investments you can make to your house not only from a financial point of view but also from a quality of life / quality of work viewpoint. The best thing about working from your own garden office is the commute.

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