Garden Statuary and Its Benefits

Garden Statuary and Its Benefits

The easiest and best way to add character to your patio, yard or garden is with statuary. Garden statuary can be a reflection of your own personality or of your garden theme. Whether you tuck your statuary away into a corner or right by your front door, garden statuary becomes the easiest way to decorate your outdoors. There is a tremendous assortment of statues from which to choose. Resin figurines, stone carvings or bronze replicas–even the type of medium used offers a large array of choices. Whether one prefers angels or animals, fairies or gremlins, saints or swimmers, one can find garden replicas to suit one’s budget, style and taste.

Besides giving your garden character, these garden decorations can, also, be used to create atmosphere in your garden. For example, a replica of a famous work of art will give your garden a formal feeling while a wild animal like a raccoon or bear can give your yard a woodsy atmosphere. You can plan your entire garden around a large garden figurine or you can use small garden statues to create an atmosphere of calling friends coming to visit.

By letting your imagination run wild, you can find countless ways to decorate with garden statues. Use garden statues of turtles and frogs to accent a water feature such as a pond or bird bath or place cherubs or playing children throughout a flower garden.

Garden statues, also, work well throughout patios, sunrooms and outdoor sitting areas. Use garden statues as a base for an outdoor side table, or place them, artfully, near doors and walkways to create a welcoming feel. Garden statuary works well around indoor plants as a means of indoor decoration.

You can coordinate your fgurines either by choosing a theme, such as cherubs dancing and playing or by choosing statues made of the same material. For instance, if you love cats and angels, you can have both in your garden statues if they are made out of the same medium. With just a little creativity you can use garden statues to make your garden a very personal place where you will like to relax.

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