Garden Statues

Garden Statues

Article by Rio Regio

Garden landscapes make homes, commercial establishments and even public parks add aesthetic value to any infrastructure whether it’s a residencial area or otherwise. Beautiful and colorful gardens make properties look inviting and appealing and that is the reason why many homeowners, business owners and even public administration offices pour great amounts of money to invest in garden landscping designs.

Other than the plants, trees, flowers and various kinds of stones and pebbles used to create a perfect garden landscape, designers and architects alos include garden statues. These statues add a certain element in garden landscapes that normally can’t be achieved by simply using ordinary gardening elements.

Garden statues add focal points and accents in whole layout and composition of the design. By doing this, the garden design becomes more interesting and appealing.

Depending on the theme of your garden landscaping design, you can use various styles, designs and themes of garden statues. There are numerous sculputures available in varying categories. You can find garden statues in the form of animals, people, angels, religious figures and even simple shapes. They come in various materials as well. Some garden sculptures are made in marble, some in cement, plaster, rocks, wood and even metal.

With the right choice of sculpture, made in a particular material, if it fits and matches the general theme and concept of your landscape design, you could create a really beautiful garden.

As mentioned, the themes of garden landscapes and the themes of garden statues vary. Each of these themes exude a certain type of feeling and general ambience. Tropical garden themes usually give off a relaxing and warm feeling while Zen-influenced gardens would usually have a serene and calming feeling.

Garden statues are not exactly important or a requirement when designing your garden but it is definitely a great addition that would lead to a beautiful garden design.

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