Garden Structures – Enhancing Your Outdoor Space

Garden Structures – Enhancing Your Outdoor Space

In the season of growth and flowering, where the scents and sounds of nature are in full bloom, it is so important to take time to smell the aromas. What better way to do so than in a garden with garden structures to ornament the best aspects of the splendor.


Heralding the glory of a well kept and cultivated garden is perfectly done with an arbor. The arbor is a traditional fixture in garden walkways, particularly at entrances. Invitingly, an arbor beckons to guests and family members to come and sit in the beauty and tranquility of the floral beds and the blossoming plants. See the orderly array of color or luxuriate in the random natural display of stems offering jewels of many shades of delicate beauty.

Arbors typically are an arch way or a trellis type structure that is from seven feet to seven and one quarter foot high. The materials that they are made of range from iron to synthetics to cedar wood to vinyl. They will be standing out in all types of weather so the type of material that is weatherproof and maintenance free is best. Prices for Arbors range from a simple Gardman Rose 6. 25 foot Steel Arch at $ 39.00 to an elaborate H. Potter Buckingham Large 8.5 foot Iron Arch Garden Arbor at $ 1,209.99. Arbors look absolutely stunning placed over walkways at key points in a garden or courtyard.

Garden Bridges

What a great addition to a water display in a garden. Garden bridges add exquisite character to ponds, pools or any garden areas. Typically a garden bridge can be made of Redwood with weatherproof galvanized metal assembly materials. They are arched with a span of about four feet in length with a varying degree of arch.

The curved rails that are often available will match the beam curve surrounded by a grain wood texture of rich reddish brown hue of beautiful redwood. Depending on the type of project, garden bridges can be designed to fit the space available for it. Fans of garden bridges have choices to have the bridge custom fit to their area to fit their pond, creek, stream, river or whatever specified area from four to forty feet in span.


When walking over the deep red colored garden bridge, just beyond it is a Gazebo. A Gazebo is a central point in any garden or courtyard area. The gazebo can be fully enclosed with screening to allow for viewing, relaxation and bug free sitting and relaxing in the evening sunset. Completely vinyl gazebos are available with low maintenance views.

Most busy home owners prefer this style of material since it is a rare occasion that any maintenance is needed. For those who prefer wood, there are gazebos made of pressure treated wood or redwood. Gazebos can be ordered in many sizes, shapes and styles. Based on the diameter of the Gazebo, some can start at 10 feet to as wide as 28 feet. Roof styles available can be the Baluster style, Valance customs style.

Adding a gazebo to the courtyard or family garden will give the family many beautiful experiences to share with neighbors, close friends and family. With this central area in the garden, the ease of use for family entertain is extraordinary. Time will now be spent enjoying the view of the garden from the comfort of the gazebo. Gazebos can be ordered disassembled. The property value will be greatly appreciated once the gazebo is assembled.

Whether it is with an arbor, trellis, garden bridge or gazebo, the view of the calm serenity of the home garden will be fully enhanced.

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