Gardeners Go Organic

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Gardeners Go Organic

Article by Lee Dobbins

Imagine not being able to smell a beautiful rose because it has been so loaded with chemicals that you can’t get near enough to catch it’s scent? While this is a bit extreme, gardening with chemicals is not to be taken lightly. If you truly want to be good to your garden and the environment, then organic gardening is the way to go.

As a gardener, you must work with nature to be able to promote the ecosystem inside your garden. You should know how to encourage healthy bugs and other predatory insects to visit your garden and feed on your pests. One way to help in this area is to plant fennel, alyssum, ammi, cumin, majus and dill.

Organic gardening allows you to work harmoniously with nature. When you garden organically, you need to think about the plant is part of the whole system as it starts in the soil, and including the supply of water and even the insects in and around your plants. Your garden depends on the natural progression of soil and weather to lessen and refill any resources in the garden that are being consumed.You should think about feeding your soil organically. You can add as much organic matter as you want to feed the soil. In turn, the soil will be able to feed your plants if when the organic matter breaks down. You can do this by making your own compost. In this way, you will not only nourish your soil but also it help to reduce your garden and kitchen waste.

Many gardeners wonder what organic gardening really means. This question is very simple to answer. Organic gardening does not make use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Finding organic matter for your garden is easy because your kitchen, lawn and garden produce them everyday. The ideal organic matter for your soil is the plant waste from already decayed plants (as long as they are not diseased or infested with pests!)such as grass clippings and leaves that have fallen as well as vegetable scraps from inside your kitchen.

Another meaning of organic gardening is to choose the right plants that are suited to grow in your garden. The plants should have a better response in terms of the climate and their conditions. If you are planning to have plants that are not native to your area or not suited to the particular conditions in your garden, you probably need more effort and natural defenses in order for them to survive and be healthy.

Remember, when gardeners go organic, they are helping not only their own gardens but the whole environment!

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