Gardening Gift Guide

Gardening Gift Guide

Gift giving can be fun, and when you know the person you’re shopping for loves everything about gardening, that makes it easy, too. Wonderful gardening gifts can be given on any budget. Whether a novice or seasoned gardener, receiving one of these gifts is sure to put a spring in their step.

1. Give the gardener in your life a starter plant, tree or bush they don’t already have. You’ll have to do a little research to be sure the plant you give will survive in the climate they live in, and to note any special instructions about its care.

Tie a colorful ribbon around the pot and attach a gift tag that reads ‘Happy Gardening’ on one side, and lists the name of the plant and any special instructions or facts on the reverse side. Price range: $ 1-$ 100 depending on rarity of plant or tree.

2. Give the gardener a new pair of gloves. Gardening is tough on your hands so most people wear gloves. It’s not uncommon for a gardener to go through three pair of gloves in year, and having an extra pair available comes in handy. Price range: $ 1-$ 50 depending on quality and specialty function.

3. A knee pad is a great gift for a gardener who does any gardening outside instead of in a greenhouse. The cushion gets placed on the ground to comfort and protect their knees while working away. Price range: $ 3-$ 25.

4. Gardening totes are canvas bags made with the gardener in mind. There are pockets that hold tools, seeds, gloves, gardening magazines and anything else they toss in. The totes come in a few sizes and a variety of designs. Some online companies even include free name embroidery. Price range: $ 15-$ 60.

5. A new hat or visor makes for a thoughtful gardening gift. Hats and visors work much better for working outdoors than sunglasses do. Keep your gardener’s head cool and eyes protected by selecting a special shade for them. Price range: $ 10-$ 40.

6. Get them a specialty gardening tool. There are tons of tools available specifically for gardening. Find out if there’s a special pair of pruning shears or other tool they’ve been wanting, and surprise them with it. Price range: $ 10-$ 100.

Buying gifts for someone who loves gardening is easy because there are so many gifts available that meet all of their gardening needs – and their wants, too.

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