Gardening Gloves

by floato

Gardening Gloves

Whether you are a professional gardener or just a hobbyist, gardening gloves are a necessary tool. Gardening can potentially be a dangerous activity for some people. Dangers from insect bites, infections, and chemical fertilizers in the soil can seriously hurt a gardener. The use of gardening gloves is not only a smart thing, it should be mandatory.

There are plenty of insects and spiders that live in the garden area. A bite from certain insects or spiders while gardening is not only an annoying inconvenience, it can become a very serious situation for some people. In fact, it even has the potential to become deadly. Wearing gardening gloves may save your life if you have allergies to insect or spider bites.

Getting infections from cuts is another danger while handling mulch or gardening tools. While digging in the ground or mulching your garden, there is a chance that you could cut yourself. With the dirty nature of gardening, germs causing infection could get into cuts. Regardless of what you are doing in your garden, keeping your hands clean is important.

Fertilizers gardeners use in their gardens can be a skin irritant. Most of the fertilizers have warning labels stating that they should avoid contact with skin. Skin irritation is sometimes the last thing gardeners think of while handling fertilizer. There is a possibility that they may become poisoned by the fertilizer. It is sometimes possible to get sick from poisonous chemicals absorbed through the skin. Wearing gloves prevents even the possibility that something like this could happen.

There is a misconception that the only advantage of wearing gloves while gardening is to keep your hands clean. People forget that it is also a safety measure everyone should follow. Gardening, like any other outdoor activity, carries risk. It may not be evident but those risks are serious, with a potential to become fatal. The wearing of protective gloves while gardening is a way to lower your chance of getting hurt.

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