Gardening in 2011

Gardening in 2011

Are you ready to garden in 2011? Have you made up your garden plan for this year? Have you given any thought about how important your garden can be to you this year? These are just a few questions we need to explore as we go into spring in the year 2011.

First question. Are you ready to garden in 2011?

Perhaps this year more than any year in the past is very important as far as gardening goes. If you are an avid gardener with many years of experience, than you are well on your way to setting up your yearly plan for your garden. If you are new to gardening, then you should use this time to educate yourself on some of the fun things about having your own garden. There are many sources for gardening information. One of the best sources I know of is your local library or the cooperative extension at a university near you. If you do not have a university near by, you can find a lot of great information on the Internet. This is part of getting ready to garden and even seasoned veterans can benefit from the ever-changing knowledge available to us.

Second question. Have you made up your plan for this years garden?

While we are in the transition period from winter to spring, it is a great time to look over some of your pictures from last years gardening projects. If you didn’t take pictures last year, make sure to add that to your plans for this year. Taking pictures gives you a visual record and makes it easier to make changes in your next garden. Also if you have a certain flower or plant in the garden that you have forgotten the name of you can usually take the picture to a local nursery and they can name the plant for you. Spend some time while you are waiting to get out and work in your garden putting together a plan for this years garden.

Third question. Have you given any thought about how important your garden can be to you this year?

With the economy in the terrible state it is in now, helping supplement your food supply is a benefit of planting not only flowers but adding vegetables to your garden too. It is also a wonderful treat to be able to go out into the garden and pick fresh vegetables to enjoy. Fresh vegetables are also very healthy for you and your family and can save you a lot of money on your food bill. Check with your local cooperative extension to see which vegetables do well in your area and think about starting some seedlings now. You can use any sunny window in your home to get seedlings started and get a head-start on plants for your garden.

Take a few minutes and sit down with a notepad and your favorite beverage and begin to plan out this years garden. Dream about the fun you will have working out in the fresh air and the added benefit of having some beautiful flowers to adorn the center of your table while you enjoy fresh produce from your garden.

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