Get Your Hands Dirty Planting a Garden

Get Your Hands Dirty Planting a Garden

Article by Dewayne Blake

The most common misconception around gardening is the amount of work it takes to keep a garden healthy. It is certainly true that gardening involves a lot of work but the good news is that the work can be very rewarding. Lots of gardeners insist that gardening work feels a lot more like playing (even when all they do that day is pull a bunch of weeds). Of course, how much work and effort you need to put in will depend entirely on just how big and how extensive you want your garden to be. One thing is always the same: whether you’re growing a small indoor garden or a large yard sized garden, you are going to find the experience very rewarding.There are a few chances during the year to begin a garden. Some plants will have a better chance if they are planted a few months prior to their optimal blooming time. This is partly because of the time necessary for a seed to grow into a blooming a plant. It is also because the best time to plant a seed is when the ground has thawed. Some plants will benefit if planted a few seasons prior to the time they are due to bloom. If you desire specific plants in your garden, make sure you find out the best time to plant them. Choose what you want to grow. Different kinds of plants have different kinds of needs. You will have to have specific types of soils and nutrients for all of the different plants you are going to grow. Planning your garden ahead of time will help you to be sure that you have stocked up on all of the right gardening tools. When you don’t plan out your garden before you plant you are more likely to kill your plants before they can really thrive. You are absolutely allowed to grow multiple types of plants in a single garden but to do that you need to do some planning before a single seedling is put into the ground.Simple flowers and hardy vegetables are the best plants to grow if you are a beginning gardener. Other easy to grow flowers include zinnias, coneflowers and black eyed Susans.Obviously there are other options available even for first time gardeners. These plants are simply the easiest to plant and grow. After you get used to growing easy plants like these you can try growing more difficult flowers and vegetables. Starting your own garden is great! It’s okay to admit that you like getting dirty and playing in the dirt.Gardening probalby makes you feel like you’re a child again. Believe it or not it is this feeling that makes people so happy to tend their gardens. The work that goes into gardening feels like playing!

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