Getting Started With Gardening

Getting Started With Gardening

How many times have you witnessed a well maintained, admirable garden, and wondered what it takes to bring a normal front yard to such a tasteful state? If you are just beginning to grasp the essence of gardening, surely, you ought to be confused, not knowing where or how to begin your gardening career. Here are some simple rules that any gardener should follow.

1. Identify your garden Take a leisurely walk around your front/ back yard and try defining the soil, types of plants that are already present and identify the weather patterns of the particular area. Research on what kinds of grass and plants (fruiting/ flowering/ greenery) are best suited for your area.

2. Analyze it Think about what exactly you want to do with your garden and map it out. Where do you want the ferns to go? How many trees do you wish to have? How long will it take those trees to grow fully? Where exactly do you want the flowering plants? Do you wish to have a special irrigation system? Will you want the front yard to be bordered with grass? What types of grasses will you choose? Etc. Think whether or not, the natural conditions of the garden are suitable for what you wish to acquire.

3. Get professional help You sure don’t want your efforts and spending to go in vain. Therefore, never hesitate to contact a professional landscaper. You may search for them either online, or better, get someone who has already hired landscapers to direct you. That way, you will know the type of work they do and can rely on them without doubt. If you are hiring someone whose work is new to you, go through some pictures of their previous gardening projects and see if it fits your expectations.

4. Purchase the necessary items Go shopping for plant seeds, plants, gardening tools and garden- extras that will add an artistic aura to the garden. Purchasing should be done wisely and long-sightedly. You may need to buy some soil fertilizer too. What is important is, getting the best spending the least possible. Remember, there is always a possibility for something to go wrong when you’re at the initial stage of gardening. Certain plants may refuse to grow on your yard, no matter how fertile the soil is.

5. Maintain the garden After the planting and the designing is complete, comes the challenge- maintaining the garden well. Constant mowing, pruning, watering, addition of fertilizer, cleaning and inspection is crucial. Hiring a professional gardener to visit you at least once a month is a wise decision. Keeping the garden from weed invasions and pest attacks are all part of high-tech maintenance.

Gardening is an enjoyable recreational activity that is productive and profitable too. How pleased will you be if you have fresh tomatoes and lettuce straight from your yard to make a salad or gift a visitor with a basket of chemical-free fruits from your backyard? Decorating your hallways with fragrant carnations you have grown will make the indoor atmosphere pleasanter. You can involve your family in gardening too. Even a two year old will work silently if he is given a miniature spade and some seeds. It gives unexplainable mental satisfaction to see the plants budding and the shrubs decorated with pretty flowers.

A popular quote states “There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling” (Mirabel Osler). If you have tried landscaping, you sure will agree with this statement, for gardening brings peace the gardener. There is indeed nothing as seeing the products of your hard work, “bloom” before your eyes.

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