Grow a Vegetable Garden

Grow a Vegetable Garden

Article by John Ou

The price of food in markets is going only one direction-upward! To cope with this problem, more and more families are growing gardens. But gardens are on the increase for more than economic reasons. Office workers find that ‘getting next to the soil’ by working in a garden provides a pleasant change of pace from their usual schedule. Another major reason that people have turned to gardening is to provide more nutritious, better-tasting vegetables for their table. A garden has definite benefits for youngsters too. It can be used to teach them a sense of responsibility, the need to care regularly for what is assigned to them. Learning to identify various plants broadens a child’s knowledge and makes him alert to the wide variety of plant life that beautifies our earthly home. How does one grow one’s own garden? There are a number of hints and practical suggestions, which, if not already known and followed, can help to make even one’s first garden a productive success.

Size of Your GardenFirst, the size of the garden must be considered. A man with a large family may want a fairly large garden to provide fresh vegetables at cheaper cost. However, he may also have a very demanding job and other responsibilities calling for his attention. So he must consider: Will the garden yield enough to be worth the time and energy to take care of it, as well as the money that must be invested? He may decide on a smaller plot than what he originally had in mind. Of course, the size of the garden will also be determined by the amount of land that is available. Families with spacious backyards can probably find a convenient sun-drenched spot for a productive vegetable garden. The nearer to the house that it is located the greater the likelihood that the garden will get attention during free moments that family members may have during the day. Even those living in more confined circumstances can often arrange to have a garden. Small strips of ground running along a driveway might be cultivated. Or a trellis with bean or tomato vines can be placed along a wall or up over a patio. Mobile-home dwellers can cultivate crops under the edges of their trailer on the sunny side, and city apartment-house residents can have rooftop and window-box gardens. Enterprising people have found other ways to get land for a garden. One family placed an advertisement in a local newspaper asking if anyone had land on which they could grow crops. They received a number of responses and finally chose a large plot of very fertile soil located just a few blocks from their home. Actually, however, a large garden may produce less than a smaller one. Why? Because the well-chosen smaller plot may have better soil.

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