Handy Hints for Gardening Design

Handy Hints for Gardening Design

Article by Antigua Resler

How you plan and place plants in your garden is garden designing. Its scope can vary from a simple vegetable garden to an elaborate scheme created by a professional landscaper. There are many different ways to design a garden. It all depends on what you like, what kind of plants you want to grow and how much room you have.

When you are planning your garden, it is best to think about what is referred to as the bones of the garden. This certainly does not mean you will need to bury any bones in your garden space; the expression is used to define different things you have in your garden. In this list you may consider such things as decorations, ornate trees or walkways; just to name a few items in this category. Ideally, you should be well aware of these factors before choosing your location. If there are already shrubs on your property, for example, these can serve as a natural fence or border for at least part of your garden. Trees, particularly evergreen trees, are excellent for providing this service.

A lot of people don’t have a lot of space but they still want gardens that are appealing and thriving. You can still make this happen when you are creative in the use of your available space. If you haven’t got a lot of space, it is important to focus on the plants, veggies and flowers that don’t need much space. Levels can be employed to expand your space.

It is possible to achieve this by building into a naturally occurring slope or using steps or plant stands. You can increase the depth appearance of your garden by putting mirrors in it. Finally, if you have a fence or wall, make the most of it by decorating it attractively. When you have a small garden, it is important to use each and every little bit of space you’ve got.

A flower garden should portray a sense of splendor; which will include an aromatic aspect as well. Two critical points to remember, one is to make sure you plant your flowers in the appropriate soil; the other is to put them in a spot where they will receive adequate light from the sun. You also need to think about the sizes your plants will grow into; in other words be careful not to crowd them. If you can make your flower garden conducive to the bird and the butterfly population, you will have just raised the dimension of your garden to a new height. If you provide some food and maybe a little water to bathe in; you would make the place look more attractive to the birds. Butterflies and some birds adore flowers that provide nectar for them; planting honeysuckle for instance, will add that element to your garden.

So many different factors go into designing a garden and it is in your best interest to know exactly what you want to do before you actually plant anything. It is important to choose the spot for your garden very carefully, to give your plants the same kinds of environments they actually need, whether that means lots of sun or lots of shading. These are just a few gardening design tips that you can use to help you plan out your garden.

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