Herb Garden Information – How to Succeed With Herb Gardening

Herb Garden Information – How to Succeed With Herb Gardening

Have you ever noticed that cooking shows don’t use the herbs and spices that they buy from grocery stores? Everything they use is freshly picked right from their own, personal mini herb garden. Truly, if you want to cook exceptional meals – having your own herbs is something you should definitely be looking into.

The fact of the matter is growing your own herb garden isn’t that difficult! It takes a bit of knowledge, some discipline and a good location to plant your seeds.

There are all sorts of different ways to grow herb gardens. There’s the indoor kind, such as the ones you see in a cook’s kitchen. These are nice for people who live in apartments or crowded condo’s.

Then, there is the outdoor herb gardens (which may be what you’re more familiar with). These are usually grown on a small plot of land outside.

Either way, the herbs can be used for cooking, medicine, or to make your home smell good! The latter kind is my personal favorite.

Like any other kind of plant, there are herbs that thrive as annuals or perennials and can either be bought and planted or raised from seeds.

The seeds you plant yourself are the most difficult, but it doesn’t really require a green thumb. It just takes a bit of time and patience.

Seeds should be placed in a shallow pot or box in the late winter. The finer the seed – the shallower it should be sown. If you place it too deep in the soil, there is no hope that it will grow.

In fact, my grandma taught me to start growing the seeds early in the house. Just put them in soil and keep them watered, put them on a windowsill where your cat can’t get to them, and transplant them in the spring.

Growing herbs at home is really, really easy – but there’s lots of stuff you need to know before you venture out and start your herb garden.

Make sure you research up before you make your purchases!

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