Herb Garden Information

Herb Garden Information

Article by Winry Beckwell

Herbs have long been sought for their many uses. If you do a little researching, you’ll find herb garden information on culinary, medicinal, cosmetic, aesthetic, and even aromatic garden herbs.

Herb gardens are wonderfully versatile because of the many varieties available and the multiple uses for herbs. Herb garden information can be found on using herbs for potpourri, or medicinal remedies. They are also an essential ingredient in herbal teas and flavor our favorite foods. Herbs can even be used to control and deter pests in existing vegetable or flower gardens.

An herb garden can be planted in a variety of ways as well. An outdoor garden is the epitome of herb gardening, but herbs also grow well in patio pots or indoors. Many gardeners seek herb garden information relating to miniature gardens in addition to their main outdoor gardens. Small mini herb gardens can be grown in a kitchen windowsill or on a decorative shelf near a sunny window. Or instead of a separate garden outdoors, your herbs can be intermixed with your traditional vegetable or flower garden.

You can start your herb garden from seeds or from seedlings purchased as a local green house. Some herbs can also be grown from cuttings from existing healthy plants. And while most herbs are rather low maintenance, the right preparation and care really goes a long way. Planting your herb garden in well drained soil will encourage growth and keep the roots healthy.

Even a beginning gardener can find success with an herb garden.

Most herbs are very hearty and easy to grow. For the most part, they are also insect free. There are a few exceptions, such as anise, caraway, dill, and fennel that sometimes are bothered by aphids. Other herbs, though, can even help keep pests away from your other vegetables and flower.

Whatever your motivation for growing herb, lots of helpful herb garden information existed. With a little research and preparation, you’ll be on the right path to growing a successful satisfying herb garden.

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