Home Gardening – Tools You Can’t Do Without

Home Gardening – Tools You Can’t Do Without

Whether you are just an amateur gardener who enjoys working outside or a professional connoisseur of exotic plants, gardening is a great hobby that produces satisfying benefits. No matter what kind of gardening you plan on doing, there are a few tools that you simply cannot do without.

Tools You Need

One of the most frequently used tools in gardening is the trowel. This tool is used to get weeds out of your flower beds and also to move your plants into containers. Trowels come in two different varieties: wide and narrow. Either of these can be used for a slew of different gardening tasks, including evening out the soil around plants.

You can get large rocks out of the soil around your plants and perform lots of other jobs in your garden with a rake. Some gardeners like to use smaller forks for raking because they can be maneuvered more easily than larger rakes. Lawn rakes can be used to collect garden trash and debris. Rakes are also good for breaking apart large clumps of soil.

Spades are essential for gardening since they help you cut through roots that have gotten matted together and can also be used to carry soil to different parts of your garden. Even though spades often look very similar to trowels and shovels, they are different and have different uses.

Plants can be pruned and dead headed with secateurs. This tool is small and is used for stems and branches of small plants. Larger plant pruning is done with shears or other tools.

A watering can is essential for your garden. These simple tools are perfect for getting water to different parts of your garden easily. They come in many different shapes and sizes, some having just one hole from which water falls while others have several smaller holes at the end of the spout.

For some gardeners, the joy of gardening comes from using the hands to accomplish much of the work. For that reason, some people may opt to use tools less than others. In this case, though, having a good set of hand gloves will be important. Some tasks can be done without gloves, such as weeding and breaking apart pieces of soil.

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