How to Make a Garden

How to Make a Garden

The issue when you are thinking about making a garden is: do you have a choice of where to put it. For instance, you may have a very big garden or you may be looking for an allotment from the local council. However, if you do not have a choice, then you will have to decide on the type of flowers you want for your garden according to its position and condition.

If, however, you are fortunate enough to have a choice, then the main consideration is the sun. In deed, even more significant that that is what kind of flowers you want to have. If you want flowers that prefer the sun or if you like plants that cannot bear it, then the position of the garden is critical.

In the northern hemisphere, most gardeners would choose a south-facing garden, if they had the choice, but not everyone. Some gardeners are interested in marsh plants or woodland plants, for instance. If you do make the majority choice and go for a south-facing garden, then your planting beds should run from north to south, because that way they will get maximum exposure to the sun’s rays.

If, however, you cannot get a south-facing garden, but you can acquire one facing southeast, then your flower beds should run north-west to south-east for the greatest exposure to the sun. Other directions can be worked out in a like manner.

The plan, whichever way your garden is facing, is to get the sun shining as near to 50% on each side of the plants as possible. The only real way of gaining success in this matter is by having a south-facing garden in the northern hemisphere or a north-facing garden in the southern hemisphere.

When you have determined the best place to create your garden, or which way it is facing, you should start planning it. This can best be done on graph paper. The first step is to draw a scale plan of your garden. Once you have done that, you should prepare the ground by either clearing it of rubbish or clearing the scrub.

If your garden has reasonable turf, plan on your graph paper where you want your flower beds to be and draw them in. Then cut these parts out of your garden.

Depending how much space you have set aside for flowers, you can now either dig it over or rotovate it. Whichever method you decide on, do it to the best of your ability, because once you have plants and bushes in your garden, you will not find it so easy again. Turn plenty of manure into the earth while you are about it.

Now that you have a decent environment for your future plants, you can go about choosing your plants. This has to be done with the direction of your garden in mind, if you want to make the most of the plot that you have available to you.

If you want to moderate a south-facing garden, this can easily be done by adding trees and bushes to provide shade, but it is not easy to heat up a cold north-facing garden.

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