Improving Your Garden For the Summer

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Improving Your Garden For the Summer

With summer finally on its way, many of us are thinking of ways to increase our living space into the garden for entertainment or relaxation. After a long hard winter, British gardens need some colour and life injected back into them. Whilst such a task sounds somewhat daunting, with some careful research and a few trips to the local DIY store, restoring your garden to a haven that your neighbours will be jealous of, is a rewarding project.

Some tips to making your garden summer friendly include:

Garden furniture: To provide a real place of sanctuary, garden furniture such as wooden benches, rocking chairs, deck chairs or sun loungers are essential – putting such furniture underneath a pergola or archway can provide shade on those hotter days. To add real comfort, scatter cushions and throws can be added on cooler evenings and removed when not in use to prevent rain damage. For those that like to entertain, picnic benches or a table and chairs provide a place for your guests to enjoy fine food and company. Garden furniture makes your garden an extra room, increasing your summer living space.

Separate Spaces: Ensure that different areas of your garden fulfill different purposes. For kids, a trampoline, sandbox or tepee can provide an active area, without encroaching on the BBQ or flower bed area. Creating a quiet space under a grapevine or clematis or in a designated hedged area of the garden, you can switch off from other distractions. As well as these two spaces, perhaps the most important is the main body of the garden, which can be used for entertaining, family fun or even just as an aesthetically pleasing place. If you are going to be using the garden for parties, decking can prove prudent as grass is liable to more upkeep. Equally, for those with green fingers, grass can provide the most natural look to a garden – indeed a lush green lawn can be admired by friends and neighbours.

Illuminate: To provide evenings filled with atmosphere, a garden needs to be illuminated. There are a variety of different lighting options, including fairy lights strewn from awnings, halogen spotlights, wall lights and lantern arrangements. Choose wisely to reflect the size of your garden. For a smaller patch, just a few solar energy lights combined with a string of fairy lights will suffice and provide a classy, contemporary look. Nevertheless, for the larger garden, designed around having guests over, lanterns, illuminated bollards and festoon lighting can provide a dramatic and awe inspiring display.

Choose the right plants: As the garden is an extension of the home, choose a theme to reflect your house. For a country cottage, a wild flower garden with lush lawns could be worthwhile, whilst for a Victorian terrace, a potted garden with herbs and walled areas, could reflect the character of the property in the optimum way. For all homes, choosing colourful plants with a fragrant perfume is vital. There is nothing better than walking outside to be greeted with an array of colours and smells, awakening your senses.

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