Key Elements To Organic Rose Gardening

Key Elements To Organic Rose Gardening

Article by Keith Alan

Organic Rose Gardening

One of the more popular forms of gardening among enthusiasts is organic rose gardening. Roses have been flourishing without man’s intervention (organically) for thousands and thousands of years. Rose bushes are not dependent on any other force other than nature to thrive. By maintaining an organic garden, the longevity and your garden will increase as will the health of your pets, family and local wildlife.

Most roses in organic gardens get their nutrients from their roots. Organic soils contain fungus, worms, bacteria, nematodes and other organisms. These organisms enrich the soil by decomposing. The use of man-made fertilizers and pesticides will disrupt natures balance between your rose bushes and the soil they are grown in.

By maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria, harmful fungi cannot find its way into the root system and destroy the plants. Chemical fertilizers have been known to cause addiction in some rose bushes. The more fertilizer used, the more dependent your plants will be to the chemicals.

One very inexpensive and easy way to grow and maintain roses is organic gardening. Simply by not using man made fertilizers and pesticides you can feed your soil and care for your roses with ease.

The most popular way to organically fertilize your garden is by using compost. Compost is simply decaying dried leaves, kitchen scraps, animal waste, plant clippings, fruit peels, fish heads and grass clippings. By allowing these materials to decay over time, you are create your own compost.

Organic gardening also refers to the non use of pesticides. The major problem with using man made pesticides is that it may destroy the helpful pests that surround your garden. Some wasps and lady bugs are considered to be very helpful in the health of any garden.

Frogs, snakes, lizards and even birds will eat grubs and can help prevent pest problems. If the pest problems get too out of hand, there are natural and organic pesticides that can be effective and are less harmful to the plants in your garden. One benefit to organic pesticides is that it can pinpoint a specific problem and deal with it appropriately. Check with your local garden center to find out what products work best for the plants in your garden.

The goal of any gardener including a rose gardener is to produce the biggest, most luscious, fragrant roses they can. It can easily be done by some time and effort into maintaining your garden the natural way. The way Mother Nature intended.

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