Koi Garden – Having the Best Garden For Your Pet

Koi Garden – Having the Best Garden For Your Pet

Having a Koi pond garden is truly a delightful experience. But before you add your fish into your own outdoor pond garden or if you plan to build a pond garden designed specifically for your pets, you may need to take into consideration several important and necessary factors first. You see, thinking of a garden, one common thing pop ups the people’s mindset: plants. There are many types of gardens which are rewarding to the owner, but what these typical garden lacks is made up and completed with a garden. This garden is a health, thriving system, which mixes and combines many different elements. It has three important factors: first of all is the pond itself, then your fish, and then there’s also the plants.

You should take into consideration the pond’s size and depth. To provide your pets enough room to thrive in, make the depth at least four feet deep (this depth will protect them from predators such as raccoons and cats).

Your fish really needs space because they can grow at a large size, specifically with their length. Having a large pond will let you add more fish once you get comfortable in taking care of your own garden. So, once you’ve planned the size of your pond, you can decide where you’re going to place the garden. Strategically place your garden where your fish will be safe. Pick a spot where its out of direct sunlight, under the shade of a tree as it provides protection from predators that fly (although it allows leaves to fall into your pond), and a spot where your pets will be protected from pesticides and other harmful chemicals (small amounts of these chemicals can kill the fish).

Although your pets and the plants don’t co-exist well in a certain habitat, this doesn’t mean that placing plants in your garden is a bad idea.

These fish at times give owners a problem when it comes to plants placed in pots, as there are times that they’ll dig into the soil, or even knock the plant over which could mess up the pond. As a remedy for this, you can wrap netting over the top of your pots, so that the fish won’t be able to dig into them. Placing pea gravel and large river stones on the top of your plants will also keep your fish from invading the pots. Your fish will feed on the foliage of the plants at the bottom of pond. If you’re planning as to what kind of plants you’re going to place in your garden, you can opt to put in lilies, where there are different varieties to choose from. There are those that live well in shallow ponds, while others live in further depths of the water. They can also provide shelter and shade for your fish.

If you’re going to look at your Koi garden as a whole instead of just the fish or the plants themselves, it’s a guarantee that your garden will be beautiful and flourish for a very long time!

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