Landscaping A Bamboo Garden- Avoiding The Bam-Boo-Boos

Landscaping A Bamboo Garden- Avoiding The Bam-Boo-Boos

Bamboo plantings, as a feature of home landscaping, are more popular than ever. Landscaping a bamboo garden can both add an air serenity and mystery to a yard, and, because bamboo grows quickly, can provide your home with a tall, dense privacy screen in a relatively short period of time.

But if you’re going to attempt landscaping a bamboo garden on your own, first decide if you want to educate yourself in its proper care. If you don’t learn in advance the correct landscaping bamboo garden techniques, and which bamboo varieties are suitable for your growing conditions, you will run into trouble.

Where To Get Bamboo Garden Landscaping Information

The first place to get correct information on landscaping bamboo gardens is from the American Bamboo Society. The American Bamboo Society was established to increase awareness of bamboo as a garden feature, by supplying home gardeners with the facts they need to succeed at their landscaping bamboo garden attempts.

Members of the ABS are happy to provide you with the information you need to take car of your bamboo; they can even direct you to local sources of advice. Bamboo gardens, although their popularity is growing quickly, are still somewhat of a novelty in the U.S., so finding someone who can give you guidance about landscaping bamboo gardens is essential.

Landscaping a bamboo garden [] which will perform well in your region begins with a visit to your local plant nursery. There you’ll find the species of bamboo best suited to the growing conditions in your areas; the plant suppliers closest to you will be able to offer you the bet advice, once you’ve discussed your gardening plans with them.

Be prepared to give them the correct information regarding the growing conditions, and temperature ranges, in which your bamboo garden landscaping efforts will occur. Different varieties of bamboo demand different growing conditions, but no attempt at landscaping a bamboo garden will flourish where wintertime conditions are too severe.

Caring For Your Bamboo Garden

If your yard has the proper growing conditions for landscaping a bamboo garden, you’ll find that your bamboo will thrive with little more than an occasional watering. It may thrive so well, in fact, that landscaping a bamboo garden can cost you some of your other plantings.

Bamboo can be extremely invasive, with its root system rapidly expanding into areas where you hadn’t intended it to go. While you may be willing to accommodate it, your neighbors are a different story

The most effective way for you to control the spread of your bamboo garden landscaping is to install a root barrier before planting the bamboo. Get advice, before you begin, on how to do this, and everything else you need to know about having an attractive and well behaved bamboo garden. Then enjoy the beauty and privacy it adds to your home!

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