Love of Gardens and Gardening

Love of Gardens and Gardening

Article by Monty Ritchings

Next to Love, gardens must the most commonly sung about activity we express in life.

There is just something about gardens that makes the heart want to sing!

The nice thing about gardens is that they are forever loving. No matter how much time and effort you put into your garden, it will always be there for you. Similar to love though, a garden will only give back what you put into it. The fortunate part is that a garden will always do it quietly!

Our love for gardens and gardening goes right back to the Days of Adam and Eve. After all, weren’t they born into the Garden of Eden? I am sure that if they had spent more time writing songs instead of less “fruitful” activities, we might all still be living in the glory of our universal garden.

Could you imagine living in a world where we are completely loved and cared for just like we do for our plants? Where do we sign up?

We can rekindle and reconnect with that feeling of connection to nature and the universe simply by enjoying gardens. The sheer beauty of a beautiful flower or the wafting fragrance of a rose in the summer sunshine is the best kind of meditation one can ever ask for.

No one thing can ever create the same connection to nature as digging in a garden though. The simple action of pushing one’s hand into warm, loose soil to create a hole for a seed or a bulb that we know will turn into something beautiful is a sensual pleasure beyond explanation!

It is no wonder that we write songs about gardens!

What caused your attraction to gardening?

For me, it was inherited. My Family on my mom’s side were all professional gardeners and horticulturists. My great grandfather was head greenskeeper at Eton College in England.

He brought his two sons to Vancouver Canada around WW1. What did they do with their lives? Ran a flower shop and a flower nursery, of course!

My first introduction to working with plants occurred in my teens. I worked for some of the local nurseries doing odd jobs after school. It was actually my beginning of my love for healing the environment. One of my tasks was so make soil for potting. The smell of freshly made soil was an absolute delight to my senses!

I never followed the family into the horticultural business myself but have always loved gardening, wildcrafting and hanging out with the trees in nearby parks.

My focus became focussed on fixing up the parts of nature that mankind seems to be so determined to destroy. Creating and managing projects in soil and water rejuvenation has become a large focus in my life.

Gardening and promoting connections with nature is a relaxing hobby for me. Through my website: I offer some wonderful products for gardeners and those who love their back yards.

If you feel so inclined please have a look at our great selection of cedar garden furniture and water features, wind chimes, solar lights, statues, portable campfires and lots of other gifts for gardeners and lovers of nature.

Being connected with nature is so important for our own health and well being. Gardening is the easiest way to connect!

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Monty Ritchings is an author, environmentalist and business person specializing is helping develop environmentally related businesses.The greatest gift for gardeners and backyard enthusiasts is a relaxing garden filled with wonderful garden furniture and garden decorations that help us to be one with ourselves and with

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